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Vacant Bed Spot

By o-kemono
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Ever feel like you have nothing to come home to after a hard days work? You enter through your front door and drag your heavy feet into the bedroom, where you eye your own bed; unmade and empty. You feel like you could just flop down and never get up for the rest of the day, but yet something inside of you is saying that your night is "incomplete". All you have laying on your bed is an old stuff animal along with your blanket and pillows, nothing else. You are the only one who is on that bed, a bed big enough for two.

You ponder what it would feel like to flop down onto someone's lap or fall into a warm hug. Instead of using your oil-stain pillows, you rest your head upon one's lap, feeling their quiet heart beat through his/her pants. In a hug, you rest your chin upon the other's chest or shoulder, letting your body rest upon the other, your breath slows down and your eyes feel very heavy. You drift into a small snooze upon your other, feeling content and at peace.

It is difficult to "relax" after a long day of working in an ongoing and endless job where you do nothing but collect stress from yourself and all those around you. You come home and you could easily release all of that stress and tension by yourself, but you know you could relax much more by having someone there with open arms and aid your release of stress.

That is one of the magic touches one's mate has, and who is lucky enough to have one.

- Ookami Kemono

Vacant Bed Spot © 2007 Alex Cockburn.
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Oh, I feel like that just about everyday. =( I'm especially familiar with the part of feeling empty inside...
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It's easy to forget how wonderful it was to have someone to come home to.

I have forgotten what a kiss or a hug really feels like. It's been about a year. I have forgotten the experience of the emotions I have when someone cooked something for me. I suppose it felt like getting a chocolate on Valentine's day instead of the chalky hearts that was presorted not to say anything too strong. You knew someone loved you and did something to show it. The moment glowed.
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That is so true what you wrote :hug:
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I almost didnt coment on this one.

The light and dark areas do so much to evoke the feelings in this picture. as much as the way the character looks at the bed, the brghtness highlights it's emptyness. The depressive nature of the character is very well shown in the way he/she is in the shadows. (you'd think by now, i'd know which sex and the name of this character).

Some of your works make me so da.. darn emotional i just can't comment.
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True, but not only a mate, but a real friend can do it too, and those are easier to find, just can't stop looking for.
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I feel almost the same way as the guy in the pic almost every night. I wouldn't ever want to get intament or anything like that, just to sit down or lay down and gently cuddle with someone would be enough but I've never had th chance to share anything like that with anyone. Sometimes I get to being really depresed on most nights.
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All I can say is " true...".

Great job!
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Oye. This one nearly makes me cry. Just to think of this... to think of how empty my life seems. To feel alone, to come home alone. To go to that empty bed... and just stare at it. You feel the emptiness. You can feel it as you lay yourself down, closing your eyes as your fingers tighten around the pillow... To look at your only company; your old stuffed animal. You open your eyes, hoping to see something that will brighten your darkest hours.. but sadly nothing is there, except maybe the glow of an alarm clock's time. To feel your heart drop in your chest, to feel the loneliness over whelm you. These feelings... are horrible... and dark. They can ruin any day. To be alone is a terrible feeling. But one I know all to well.
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One must feel blessed to have their mate to understand what connects the both of you, it's not just about feeling love, but feeling as if you are understood. People want to be understood, so that's why the feel comfort whenever they fall into the arms of the one that cares most about them, because there they feel safe, secure, understood, and loved. It's the perfect place to curl into, your mate's arms. Thoughtful as always when I see your stuff, Oki-san, keep it up and my head just might explode. *chuckle*
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...So true... I feel so also... There is one who I have a crush on, and she likes me too, yet we must stay from each others...
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:wow: that's quite exactly what I thought last night when I got back home from a poker play evening with my friends. Almost everyone there had a mate and this time it felt quite strange for me getting home alone/nobody was waiting for me at home :-(

Very nice pic :-)
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Awesome, and sadly so very true. :nod:
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Just wanted to leave a comment about this image, and "How lucky you are".

The way you put the feelings into word and drawing is great, there's so much emotion there.

I'm currently going through both states, having found my mate, but for now living in seperate countries, and these two drawings really touched me.

Great art. Keep up the good work.
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Very true. It can be worse at night. Lying in bed and feeling the absence next to you.
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like when I folded out my bed(it's a couch-like futon thing)MAN that sucked.It's usally in couch form in warm seasons,don't know why I do that
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