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Lonely Sunday

By o-kemono
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It is Sunday, one out of two days that is dedicated to you. You do not have to worry about work or anything else, but to try to find ways in order to relax. But then, you find yourself upon the bed with the TV running dribble programs, snack wrappers and empty plates on the ground, one or two soda bottles resting within arm's reach, your bed unmade and you are still in your PJs. You find yourself having no motivation to do anything because of your lack of company.

Next to you is your cell phone, folded and facing you. in the back of your mind, you await a phone call from a friend who wishes to hang out with you or for you to come over. Now and then, you eye that phone to see if it is on or is you have it on silence mode. Now and then, you pick up your phone and you skim through your small list of contacts, wondering if you should call one of them and see if they want to hang out. But in some way, you know that they are already doing something: hanging out with other friends or at work. So you drop your phone and continue to wait.

While you wait, you feel like you are not the type of person to hang out with. You suffer from social problems and verbal communication. You have had trouble with that all your life. You cant seem to be as open as you want to be and you cant seem to have anything intelligent to say to others except stupid child-ish jokes and small talk that has no interest in continuing. You feel like you are not interesting to hang out with or even to invite over. You feel like you are nothing but a fifth wheel, a "back-up" person that someone calls just to fill in a seat.

You are a person who enjoys the company of others. You fee like you are part of something when you are in a gathering. You feel connected and even more important, excepted. When you are in a group, you feel the need to branch out, to be yourself...But sometimes you fear of showing that off because that is when people really start to judge you.

So you just lay there, watching dribble on Tv, too lazy to go out or to even change into anything other than your PJs. You are alone with your worst enemy all day: your thoughts.

i cant really say anything positive about this because I have a connection to this image. Its like looking through a mirror and seeing something you do not wish to see...

- Ookami Kemono

Lonely Sunday © 2007 Alex Cockburn
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how do you put so much emotion into you're sketches?
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I sometimes feel like this...your works are so amazing! They really depict something someone has felt. =)
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Love your artworks. They are somehow a part of everyone.

And... to those who feel that way: It's never too late to change the situation. Because if you want to change something you need to start it right now. Right this moment. Not be afraid of changing.
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i get that feeling a lot. i understand the pain
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I've felt this way so many times...*sigh*
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Interesting interpretation! Thank u for sharing while you feel so humble. By reaching out to others, you will find that you are not alone. Perhaps, this will lead you to find new Friendships, or to find hobbies that will help take away some of the free time. While you may think this is a horrible obstacle to have, it may just be a fine OPPORTUNITY to find new friends with similar ideas. ~Best of luck to you! :sun: :butterfly: :ahoy:
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Woah :omg:, you basically just described my life here... I don't know whether to be pleased or scared...
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I know what thats like.

One thing I must say, Sunday is set aside for God, well ya and rest, it was biblicaly a day of rest.
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Then everyday to me is Sunday.
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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so emotional, i love it, gives me a fuzzy feeling inside:hug:
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This is the exact day I'm having right now. I tried calling some people, but that didn't work. So my day's been surfing the web and playing videogames. Not the way I wanted to spend my day off. Tomorrow it's back to my 10 hour day that leaves me a brain-dead zombie.
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I think this is something a lot of people can relate with, including me sometimes...except I spend more time on the internet than tv
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.... I hate my life.... complete strangers know me better than my friends and family do.
that's sad and kinda compherting thanks
and hi I'm kazz
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I can relate to this...
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Well this is just me all over...
I love how you write in so much depth about the piece and the artwork in general is lovely as usual (:
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I feel like this when I walk miles to visit anybody who can have company not wanting to spend the day inside and usually end up feeling like a stray cat in my filthy and boring ass city.Don't have a car nor money(i'm 17)books seem to take my mind of things(I went to a library after walking alone in the next city.can't do anything in bronxville without money)in terms of romance I feel like this all the time.
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i am really impressed by your artwork too...

it looks like a lot of people have the same problems

its hard to speak about it, and here, i see your work and the only thing i can think about is:

autsch, it looks so... personaly...
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I like your writings as much as I like your art.
You are observant of the subtle things that others might not notice or can't express.

Being loved is part of the motivation to have a different Sunday. The paradox is that without love, there is little motivation to seek it or seek the fun that you feel you may be missing. With love, we are different, and have MUCH more exciting lifestyles. We seek experiences because we have someone to share them with, and someone to do things with. Going out on your own can compound feelings of lonliness and be a little frustrating. I've spent plenty of Sundays working because I didn't have someone to do something different with.

I think this is true for everybody. We are more exciting when we have someone to share with.
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Ah, the wallflower.

very touching. nothing to say.
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Very nice work. I always enjoy the connections you have with your work, it gives them much more depth than most. As for introvert, It took me... 10 minutes to get myself to actually attempt to make contact and write this Comment. heh.
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We all need alone time to relax and reestablish ourselves. Otherwise the outside world will get too loud and we'll forget. Some need more than others, but its nothing to be ashamed of.
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HONEY BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i eat honey buns when i'm exactlly like that
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Sometimes, looking into the mirror is what helps us to find the truth that we need to seek, like admiting that you have flaws and working to improve them. Sorry, not so much to say on the subject, but it's a good piece, the details, inking, pose, the emotion. Keep up the drawing, you really are great.
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You've just read my mind..Sometimes when I feel like that, I'm trying not to think about it, but it's not that simple..
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