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Ironic Rain

By o-kemono
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We were both friends.
She was there for me when I was lonely.
I was there for her as an open ear.
She was there to make me laugh.
I was there to make her smile.
We enjoyed each other’s company.
We shared secrets that we kept only to ourselves.
Our eyes focused on each other’s longer and longer.

We were both lovers.
Her body was a treasure.
Her silk-smooth skin came with so many curves.
Her eyes showed innocence and wonder.
Her smile made me want to kiss her.
Her mind was gentle and filled with wonders.
We weren't friends anymore, but secret lovers.

We were both enemies.
I was jealous what she has.
She was angry for my distant nature.
I was angry for her last minute secrets.
She was upset due to my misunderstandings.
We showed more fangs than smiles.
We exposed more tears than hugs.
We stopped calling each other all together.

We were both acquaintances.
She said Hi to me.
I gave a nod to her.
We spoke, but short.
We couldn't hug or look each other in the eyes anymore.
We spoke longer, mostly apologies.
We both became friends.

We decided to meet each other once again, being just friends. We knew that we cant express ourselves the way we wanted to anymore. We can’t be more than just friends anymore. It was hard. We both wanted the same thing. Our eyes told showed different emotions and restraints. Something big was going to happen to her in the future. Everything will change.

After we talked about us being just good friends, it started to rain hard and we were trapped in the park underneath my small umbrella. We cuddled close to each other; snuggling under the small piece of cover. I felt her breath on my wet shoulder and her shampoo upon my nose. Our arms were full, trying to protect each other’s bags from the downpour. Only our heads were dry, but our bodies soaked. It was a romantic moment, but ironic after we said we should just be "good friends"; a test from God or just very bad luck. We cuddle until the rain stops and I walk her home. We hugged each other, but I didn't want to let go. We can no longer be close anymore.

She is getting married on Saturday to her boyfriend. That rainy moment will be in my memory for the rest of my life.

...All I do is smile...

- Ookami Kemono

IronicRain © 2008 Alex Cockburn
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I feel like this happens to me all the time. Only not as extreme. I fall in love with someone, And just when I start to make them feel the way they make me feel, They fall madly in love with someone else.
justyoursimplewolf's avatar
Ooohhh... Even your old work makes me tear up. T-T
Your very good..
RCWikkydArtist's avatar
This is blowing me away
EvincarOfAutumn's avatar
I am moved.


You moved me.
Oniookami's avatar
Very very sad. I really felt the emotion through the picture and the lovely words.
Sparetime92's avatar
So sad. If only you want it, its not so bad; but when you both want each other, and know that you cant have each other it really hurts.
DrakuneShadar's avatar
wow, well done... i really don't know what to say other than "wow"...
future-cracked-ceo's avatar
damn, man you have such emotive stuff it's, well, heart rendering.
Dark-Ryu-13's avatar
I think I'm going to cry....
turkituck's avatar
*long hug and gentle head pets*
DuanCongLin's avatar
sad story,pretty art,really good job!
Sorame's avatar
...SOmeday... My story will be up there. There's all kinds of stories, and I won't be surprised if someday I find myself up there. After all... I am a living story.
Zurite's avatar
Imagine living forever. It happens over and over again.

I lost my heart. :(
DanDrazen's avatar
Whoa ... just ... whoa!
GrendelDemon's avatar
Your stories always amaze me, and bring a tear to my demonic eye :happycry:
Loone-Wolf's avatar
awww so touching... so sweet.... no one could plan perfectly can they? haha ^_^
silvanoir's avatar
wonderful (yet sad) poetry. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all hold on to love and the good moments forever?

(commenting here this time since FA has imploded.)
Mottled-Kitten's avatar
Unfortunately I can relate.
Aelius24's avatar
A powerful story to go with this excellent piece. Well done, dude :)
dktorzi's avatar
Stuff like this makes me pissed about life, people mostly not being able to take it by the horns and get what they love.
I had something like this gave me a loss that changed me for ever, i now live each day as a was my last, rage for living to the limit and my feelings\emotions, never regret!!

Sorry bout the rant, lovely expressive look and story even if its sad ending.
Always loving your work.
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Life is a moment
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