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Im Pregnant...

By o-kemono
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July 18th,

It was just another day for me. I have been having some hard times with my life, but I am slowly bringing everything together and putting them into place. It has been a rough few months for me, Diary, but I am building up the strength to complete and fix everything in my life. I have also made some new friends, supportive friends. I hang out with them a lot and tell them what is on my mind. They do the same without hesitation.

You can tell that my hand is shaking and my handwriting is not as nice as I usually write, Diary. That is because something happened to me and I am still in shock about it. I admit that I have not been telling you the entire tale of my month...I was depressed for a few weeks and I somewhat had enough. I was seeing this guy from school by the name or Drew. He seemed like a nice guy and he does make me laugh. One night, he wanted to hang out with me, more or less go on a date with me.

Now Diary, I told you half a year ago that I was not ready for a relationship with anyone. After my breakup with my exbf, I just wanted to be on my own and fix what I can with my life. I told him that and everyone else as clear as wind, but something went out of control.

One night, I was feeling very depressed and decided to mask it by drinking myself into a giggly mood. But later, that was a big mistake. I found myself...naked beside Drew. I knew what happened and i can still remember it clearly. ( he used protection, so dont worry about that ). Drew is an interesting person, but yet I question his view to me. When I was drunk, I remember him saying something about how attractive I was when drunk. I did not question it at the time...

After a few times of sleeping with him, there was another point where I had sex with him, but foolishly After a few days, I realized that I might be pregnant. When I told him, and his first words were " Ah, shit... " He tried to hide the fact that he got me pregnant and told me to have an abortion. I told him, plain out, that I cant do that because I dont believe in it. He then threatened me that if I dont get it, he will push me away. When he said that, I realized how much of an asshole he was and that his only goal with me was to see me naked.

Now I am here, writing to you, Diary. How can someone be so cruel like that? I know I am at fault for not being more careful, but there was a gap in my heart that I wanted to fill. He was there, but he was not the right one. Instead, he made things a lot worse. Now I have something new to add to my life list...I dont know what to do. Now I am more scared than ever. I haven't told anyone about this except for a few friends. My family doesn't know about this or what happened...

What should I do, Diary? Should I kill it or give birth to it? If so, how will I have enough money to support it and who will help me??

- Jessica.

* * *

Personally, I dont understand how Drew would try to ignore something like that. There are things about the male species that I dont really understand about at all. If they get someone pregnant, why do some try to run away, not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. Jessica should have been more careful, but I blame Drew more than her because he took advantage over her while intoxicated and had sex with her, seeing that this might be his chance to do it with her. Now he burdens her with a bundle and does not want to seem to face the fact that he too is in trouble.

I have heard these kinds of stories from different "victims" on TV, the newspaper, and even friends: They have sex with a guy without protection, gets pregnant and the male ( tries to ) run away, leaving her to care for the child, blaming everything on her. I admit that getting someone pregnant is a shock, more like a ton of bricks to the face. It means that there will be another life coming into their world and they are not prepared for it at all, life-wise and even money-wise. They dont want that kind of responsibility because they have a large list of problems of their own and they dont want to add the word "baby" to their list. So, they try to ignore it, repeating to themselves that it was all a dream and not real. Cowards.

Having sex while intoxicated is not really a smart thing to do. No one really knows what is happening, it just feels good to just do it. They put lust in front of logic first, and what they are all sobered up, they realize what happened. Its even worse if one person is drunk and the other is sober, and that person takes advantage over the intoxicated one's body and mind, altering the way that person thinks and feels.

Never EVER take advantage over someone for just sex. Sex is another way to show how much you love and care for someone, to show them your 'secret', to open up to them on a new level... not just to empty your load or frustration and then leave without saying "thank you". Many dont see that and I cant tell them about it. Thousands of people have different views about sex: some love it and can have multiple partners, or some take it seriously, or some dont give a shit. Sex is promoted in almost everything in the world, so it is no wonder that many feel more hornier than they do before.

Im trailing, I know...but I am not please with this subject, but I feel it was something I had to put my two cents in...

- Ookami Kemono

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So, I read your thing about getting pregnant.  I feel bad for you, he took advantage of you when you were weakest.  Men sicken me sometimes.  PS did you abort?
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it all work out.
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Well me I say abort until your married...but that's me bc I have way to many friends that have a baby and their young any alone...but like I said that's me. you should go with how you feel and weather it will b a problem for any future plans you may or may not have. good luck deciding
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Iceumbreon I think that would be admirable to step up to the plate and take care of a baby that's not yours, but I would be sure you want this, i got pregnant when I was 18. A baby takes a whole lot more than what they give. But they're worth all the work and responsible it takes.
You might want to be sure you're ready to take the part and that you're sure you want it and her!
You two breaking it off or fighting all the time isn't beneficial to the baby and you realizing that it's a lot more than what you bargained for a little too late is just going to end up ugly, with a lot of hurt feelings.
I've watched a very similar situation with a friend of mine.
So there's my two cents on that. xD

haha. You're work brings so much up! You're drawings are good!
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i cant stop having a connection to this picture and journal. it was honestly just a week ago that i found out that my girlfriend was pregnant,however the baby wasn't mine. the father is to busy with his life to take care and really be there for both of them. so i decided to be the step father. my girlfriend is 21 to 22 weeks old and we still don't know the gender or exact age of the baby. we both don't have jobs and we're both teenagers in high school, living with parents. any input would be helpful right now...
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Well, this here is why you marry FIRST.
Make sure they actually care about you before you go off and have sex with them...
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i agree . .
abortion is stupid crap
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Yes, what woman would be able to deal with the fact knowing she killed someone before they even got a chance to live?
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agree agree agree!
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i agreed abortion is shit!
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I agree fully. Why is is the girl's fault for the pregnancy? It takes two to tango. Some men out there are such scumbags... On a side note... I'm glad I've found someone so loyal and understanding... Not rubbing anyone's nose in it, just noting how lucky I am to find someone who's not a asshole.
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oh damn i love this art work!!!:heart:
and i too know how that situation feels >.<
but atleast my bf was so lovely that he hugged me and said "if you want to keep it, then let's keep it, but if you don't want to,t hen we can wait couple years and think again..." i started to cry like hell when he said that...
it was so sweet!!! after that we talked about it for a while, and then i decided that i'm not ready to be mom, so i took abortion...
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so...what was your decision in the end?
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oh my gosh. when i saw jessica, i was like, yay my name!! now lets read the story. oh no!! nice drawing by the way. hope i will improve in mine too!!
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Whoa. Yeah, I can't stand it when guys do that either. Makes the rest of us look like assholes filled with lust.


Well, I'm filled with lust (I can't lie) but the point is, I don't put that lust into action on anyone irresponsibly.

Man, everything you have is so deep and amazing, it cries out "publish me" lol. Really, you should consider it. I'd buy your book(s) :)
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"HaHa! Oh Nature! You come at all the right times!"
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A true Alpha male will take good care of his offspring.
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a child is a sweet gift to give to the world, abortion is just the governments way of destroying a gift, any man who is not willing to take their child into his life, and doesnt love the day to hold the little one in his arms, knowing he will be its protecter, that is not a man. i am i guy of heart, and i hate being a guy and hearing other guys be like this, it sickens me.
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this has got to be the most dramatic thing i've seen and read on the internet. Got to say that is deep only way i can describe it
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woh oh... someone's in a bit of a rut... the espression is captured just right
you can just imagine the thoughts running through his mind
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Raising a child is no easy task. I have a little one myself, and it's been nothing but hard work for the time since he was born.

That said, I'm with someone new now, and though I know he wouldn't do the kind of thing Drew did if we were in the same situation, it's something I'm afraid of having happen, because my bf is so much younger than me (three years age difference).

It's frightening to be in that situation, to have to tell people that you're expecting a child. When I found out I was pregnant, my son's father was happy, but when it came to telling my family and other friends about it, I was terrified, especially considering I wasn't out of high school yet.

I feel very strongly for Jessica, because I've been in her situation as well, with the person I was seeing before my son's father. It's not pleasant.

Beautiful work, as always, and a very powerful subject to boot. Keep it up. ^^
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Another great work where I don't really don't know what to add. You already said the essential.
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Excellent work. The two cents was spent very well in my opinion.

You know...I could go into a really long and deep discussion about this, but...I don't think I can right now. I find I am at a point in my life where I am constantly asking questions, and finding few answers. And even when I think I found an answer, I hear another point of view that manges to change my reasonning a little. The topics your picture covers, happens to be on some of those subjects. So, I will keep my opinion to my self for now (no offense).
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