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Finger Fidgeting Love

By o-kemono
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This is the first picture out of many that I did when I was down…

A lot of my images do have a similar concept or idea in them: snuggling. In this one, we have a small couple, snuggling in bed. One brings his mate close to him while the other calmly and tiredly fiddles with his finger like a child.

In my eyes, it is rather cute to see one fiddle with a small attachment from the other, just playing with it idly, staring into space with it. Soon, the other would whisper the words “What is on your mind?” A lot of times, when someone is asked that question, they would draw a blank or refuse to answer it. They either don’t really know how to put it, or they are too embarrassed to talk about it. If one trusts the other, wouldn’t sharing things on their mind slip out without worry? Or would it be harder to expel it from the fear of embarrassment or shame? Its hard to know what the other’s tolerance are to “surprises”. One should not push the other to expel what he/she is thinking. Curiosity hurts, knowing the truth may hurt even more…

Finger Fidgeting Love © 2007 Alex Cockburn
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OMg me and my mate do the same thing!
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me and my boyfriend actually end up just laying there and doing things like this a lot.

i love times like that because while our minds are probably in different places we still have that one little concentarion of messing with eachothers hands holding us together.

i really like how you draw hands too, by the way :)
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I fidget fingers (and hair) a lot... But when I've been asked the question, I usually compare us like a small kid "your fingers are so big!" or "show me your toe nails"... I always hope it's cute rather than annoying...
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though, (for me personally) i believe that a person would know their limitaions of what they express to their lover. although, even if they do let something slip it shouldnt come between the relationship. if a person expresses something that they realy feel, whoever listens is entitled to respect that persons feelings and shouldnt pressure them about it more than that persons willing to express.
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I love this :)
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I actually had this experience last month, I like your series of love and relationship (or lack thereof) scenerios. I floated over from VCL, your work is truly touching and thought provoking.
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I loved it...
i can't say more...
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BTW, Where can I see Dear L or even buy it?
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I do that with Terry too much...but its still fun. n_n
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such an honest and real true moment you have drawn. :)
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mew... it is an awesome pic.. why were you down?
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It's sweet I think it's a favorite too =^_^=
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that is a very deep description that you have there. I havent been effected by that personally but i know that it happens to alot of people.
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ya it is cute when lovers fiddle with the fingers of their mates and yes i think that one should tell what they are thinking to the other but sometimes i wonder if its out of habit a childhood habit or it was just becouse the finger was there humm...
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Too true.. that's why people should let others tell them on their own time when they do feel comfortable on it. And the picture is cute, reminds me of what happend today. I never mentioned this before, but I really like the descriptions that you type up to put on here, they're very deep. One day, I'd like to have a conversation with you. It'd be fun.^^
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That was deep... it's interesting how so many of your pictures can seem so innocent and beautiful at first, and then your words put a very different spin on the situation. I would never have thought that was what this pic was about, but here we are...

That question is one that's so often asked, but neither really knows the consequences of answering it, there's really nothing that can be expected from thoughts like those.
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Aww, such a warm moment!^^
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You need to market your images as V-day cards~~.
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Very nice work. There's nothing better than fidgeting with your finger with someone you love ^^
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mmm... so cool. Not so enourmously emotionaly charged it overwhelms, but definatly emo.

Just goes to show how sensative youa re. or at least, how you draw. It's a lovely piece. The subject matter is calm, the action is relaxing. The details really bring out the tender emotions and the feel of the art.
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Your descriptions are quite definitely some of the most thought-provoking here on DA, especially when coupled with your uniquely-styled artwork.
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heheh its adorible, a simple and sweet jesture love this pic +fav
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