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I felt strange when drawing this. Somewhat, I felt it was true, but yet I never act in my own artworks. However, some people treat me like an "actor-starving-for-attention" or a DramaQueen because I show my emotions alot and they think I am just an attention hog...So, I did this drawing.

I did this when I reliezed that many people look at someone that is depressed or troubles, and only think that it is an act to get peoples attention, become the center of attention most likely. I feel that this is not true. When someone is depressed or behaving in a distant or quiet way, or maybe in a loud and somewhat violent way, that are not putting on an act. They are showing others how they feel instead of keeping it locked up inside. Having your feelings locked up inside does terrible things to your body and your mind. When you do let it out, many would think that you are just acting out just to get attention.

This also goes with friends. Who can you tell who is your real friend or false friend from both sides:

- If you see your friend behaving in a manner that seems low and depressed and "performs" some things infront of you, whould you think that it is an act or a way of saying "Please Help Me"?

- If you are down and depressed infront of your, or angry and verbal, would your frined think that your physical expressions is a dance to just watch and ignore, or would he think that you are just expressing yourself in a physical manner and it is easier for you to say "Please Help Me" rather than speaking it?

Alot of people show their emotions differently. Some speak it without acting, some just rightout show it, and many do both. Sometimes our message comes out wrong to others even though you do not mean to hurt anyone. Everyone takes your actions and speech differently. Its hard to find the right person to talk to because a lot of people just want to tell you to "Grow the fu¢k up"...

Depression is an Act © 2007 Alex Cockburn
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You know, after some thinking, I wonder.
What if people react aggressively, not because they actually think you're acting, but because that's how they were raised? Not knowing better nor daring to try new ways, they would just act like jerks to "help" you keep those feelings to yourself.
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I can relate to this as well.
Your works and thoughts are amazing, they're incredibly advanced. Then again, I shouldn't expect any less from an artist.
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I find what you said rings true
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Making art Is showing your feelings, those who make a awesome pic, but just make a guy posing, withot meaning, it's worse than someone who put their heart on the image.
That's why I really like your art, it don't have high color details, but your pic and desc shows ore than a movie can say.
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This is amazing, to say the least. And Syn would love to fav it, but her PSP hates her.

But she can agree completely. People just don't connect anymore, so how can one tell if it's an attempt to gain attention?
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True true very true. I even wrote a whole "essay" on how to deal with such people THE RIGHT WAY, but unfortunately never got anyone to check it for errors and feedback. I am also afraid that if my friend reads it she'll think she was a case study for it, since she she is either bi-polar or has major PMS and every now and then gets extremely depressed and lashes out at me too. My mom and my bro is also this way, so I am pretty much accustomed to neurotic and moody people.

And I admit I can get like that too sometimes, in fact I lost a friend over it who is BTW ALWAYS the center of attention and has a gigantic ego and still hates me and once even posted in a forum calling everyone like this an attention whore who just wants to feel special or superior...heh maybe because they are competition for her own feeling of superiority.

I also like the art too, it brings to mind the stereotypical "emo" with the curtains and tattoo markings that resemble tears and cuts. Kiinda a way of mockery.
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it will be difficult to leave an unbiased comment.

First, I know we've talked about this alot.
depression is something that is in-escapable.
but so is fabrication. People lie. people cheat. nad people do what ever they can for attention. There are even some out there who can't stand being bested at being the worst off. Some people Are acting. I know a lot of them. The type of people who are only happy when they are being spoiled and anything less is simply unbearable. they think they are depressed and many even get prozac for it. There are otrhers who just want attention and pity, but other wise lead normal old boring lives with friends and drama and everything. But there are people who are actually depressed no matter what comes their way. I know for a while you were really depressed and Angel and I were asses to you because we thought you were faking. And thats the worst part...Its really hard to tell whats what. Sometimes the most depressed people are the ones that really do seem happy..it does seem a little backwards doesn't it?
I guess what I'm trying to get at is that usually depression is an act by people who aren't really depressed...but thats not to say that depression doesn't exist...Its just really hard not to get tired of seeing spoiled kids popping zoloft to get some one to sleep with them...[/rant]

I love the thickness in the outlines btw...really awesome art.
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What do the words say around the border?
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There is nothing wrong with showing your emotions... society is beginning to think that if you show that you are upset, you MUST be acting.... I say if you are upset, don't be afraid to show it... because as you said, it is bad for you... it is horrible....
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I'm kinda in depression for only one month now. However, I try not to show it : I've only talked about it to my parents and friends on the internet. I act in life as if nothing changed, as if nothing is going wrong, precisely because I don't want to attract attention and, yes, because I'm afraid some people would think that's what I am looking for : attention, doing the emo-guy. I'm doing rather fine so I can handle myself without problems, I'm hopping it won't get worst because I may not be able to hide it anymore. And strangely, I don't care if people don't think I'm acting to have attention : I don't want them to see me like that and try to help me.
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Excellent Artwork and narration!

I have seen people who have "acted" to get attention. Though most of the time it was not for depression. Most of the time, the acting was similar to a small child throwing a tantrum so her/his parents will by a new toy or something.
In terms of acting depressed...it really doesn't make much since, to me. Why would someone act depressed? If they want attention, shouldn't they be more forward to grap peoples attention than, acting depressed, recoiling from from everyone else? I think there are attention seekers out there, but most do not "act" depressed to get attention. They get attention by being the class clown, try to look pretty, being a little destructive, etc. The people who "act" depressed, most of the time are.
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It's very easy to tell who is depressed, no matter how much they show nothing to me. There's always a slight slouch in their regular action, or emotion.
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I am slightly manic depressive, I've refused to go back on my meds because the last couple times they didn't exactly "help" in the way I was told they were. Most people tell me to cheer the fuck up not realising the actual cause of my 'episodes'.

My family life was basically a nightmare. It's only just actually reformed to a point where I'm older, wiser and my family is now aware I am manic depressive. For about 15 years, they figured I was ';play acting for attention' and ignored my pleas for help. I think after being diagnosed as manic depressive a couple years' ago, people started working out I wasn't acting, nor was I seeking attention. I was crying for help, and since I was basically an only child in a family whose monetary assistance for such evaluation services was limited, no one could tell me why I was so unhappy.

The trend term for my kind of depression is "Emo". It's nothing to people who consider "emo" to be related to goths. Everyone gets depressed, it does not have anything whatsoever to do with whether or not you have an interest in wearing black clothing 24/7, writing morbid poetry or have an interest in death. Nothing to do with the matter AT ALL. People tend to draw parallel to the term of "Emo" to people who are depressed/manic depressed. Hell, I've heard unintelligent doctors use the term to describe my depression. It proves the world's blind eye sees it as "just one thing", when it's clearly not.

My friends never figured I was depressed a lot in school - I hid it so well because I didn't understand what was wrong with me. Until I was diagnosed by a hospital doctor as being manic depressive, EVERYONE thought they "knew" what was wrong with me. They figured they could "help" me by trying to bully me into being "normal".

I'm ranting though.
I've always loved the depth and the meanings of your artworks. You stir a lot of mixed feelings in people when you write such descriptions and it is a very good thing too - it's what makes people think more than simply looking at the picture and drawing their own conclusions from it.

Depression is never an act. It's a cry for help which usually goes ignored by people who see only one side of the person they know.

Beautifully stirring work.
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This reminds me of the shakespearian saying from MacBeth, "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." Alot of people only see us but do not hear us when we wish to give in to our hearts and releave ourselves of the sorrow that cause us to ache. They do not wish to have it upon themselves to help bear the burden that weighs us down. If we kept everything to ourselves we would become twisted and and hollow on the inside and be filled with nothingness. I like this picture... it expresses alot. It tells of being seen and of not being seen, or being heard but having all we say fall upon deaf ears. He waves a banner that desplays his call for help, but it goes unnoticed. Many are not able to come up and say, "I need help... please help me," they have too much pride to do such. They rely on us to know what they are asking when they give us those sad looks, when they tell us of the hurt that they feel. Ask not if they need help for they have already asked you for it, you just need to figure out how. Great job, keep it up and always do I wish you much.
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I TOTALLY agree with you.
Depression is very difficult and painfull psychic illness, and it's VERY hard to win with it.
I had a depression for over 10 years and I didn't even know that it was a depression, and thanks to 3 people I was able to fight with it and I won. I was very lucky to have them beside me, because without them I wouldn't be here today.
Of course most of the hard work I have done, but noone could do it for me. Only I could do that. I made it, but I heard from the others something like "grow up", "get your act together" and so on.
I have no idea why people (friends and family) doesn't believe someone when he's/she's saying that he/she has a depression. I can not understand that. Are they afraid or something?
I don't get it.
I'm not talking about people who just act that they are depressed (emo), to get the attention of the others. I'm talking about people who are really sick. It's awful, when you're screaming for help, and almost everyone pretend that they don't hear that. Or just don't want to hear, but when they realise that something is wrong and that someone really needs help, it's too late.
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It's sad that we live in a world with labels like "emo" and "attention-whore" for people who genuinely suffer depression - strong, mild and light forms of it - my friends don't understand *those who are my age* that my dad's death and screwed up family has shook me badly...they say I do it to get attention.
This picture really speaks out to me and I love it...it's so truthful to our world and the way we all think.
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I really don't like how people do absolutely nothing but complain about everything... I mean, it's not bad to get that sort of thing out of your system, but if you just KEEP ON WHINING you need head trauma.

And yes I realize that I am indeed complaining right now.
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I don't know where "actor starving for attention" idea even came from. When did people start jeering at people who express emotions? Why?

I have been told many times that I am attention seeking too. I am quite confused now.
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i agree
when people don't know how to express something in words they have to do it in physical way
we must not judge too fast
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