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Dear L - Drawing Love

By o-kemono
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This was an image from my Dear L book about an artist falling in love with his/her character.

The letter:
Dear L,
Hello. My name is John and I am a little sad. I am an artist, a character designer. I feel like I have the talent to draw anyone or anything I wish on a piece of paper. But there is something in which I feel like I do not have. I do not have my ultimate and significant other.

Every time I draw someone on paper, a character in which I created form my own imagination, I give them a soul. I try to draw them so they look like real beings that live on this planet and not in the folded pages of a sketchbook. There is one particular character that I call “love”. I draw her in ways that I picture my true love; good body, long hair, good size chest, long bushy tail. Her personality is the same as mine, but yet she is happier. She enjoys life to the fullest and she has a heart that is openly true and never gives off false love. She loves me and only me, and I love her in return with all my heart.

I know what I am saying is baloney, but I feel like one can fall in love with their characters. I feel like each character is a part of one’s personality and one’s inner self. The only thing is closest to mine is the girl I explained about. Her name is “Jenny”, my female “fursona”.

Everyone wishes to find their equal. Many find them, but in some cases, they turn out to hate each other and then hearts are broken. I constantly search for mine. I know what she looks like and how she acts. I know everything about her and we would just click on first sight. But I know that I shouldn’t judge on looks. It’s personality that is the key to a relationship. My “Jenny” would look different, but she would have the personality, that unique spark in her soul that would be very recognizable.

Dear L, is there ever such a thing about falling in love with your own character, then later trying to find her out in the real world? Do you think that there is such a person out there?

Thank you,

The Explanation: This was the letter from the book that went along with the image. One can treat their own creations like living beings. Any creator will say that. But one can take it a little too far and loose control on what is real and what is reality; falling in love with an imaginary friend and disconnecting him or herself from reality.

Alot of people have "split" personalities, two sides of the brain and soul. Many like their other persona or fursona to be a separate sex, or the same sex, to have the body they wish they could have or the animal they wish they could be: Their fantasy body, an imaginary self. When a furry fan dresses up in a mascot uniform that resembles their character or a cartoon character, they pretend that they are that character and slowly go into this trance and start to act like that character, someone or something different from their true self. They play as their character.

Alot of artists make up characters and describe them as themselves to hide their sexuality, physical features or anything else they feel they must protect themselves from the internet.

This is not new. It has been done thousands of times, mostly with furry artists. They create an interesting character that others can relate to and talk to or about. They create someone or something through drawing that everybody can relate to, have fun with, someone more interesting that the creator him/herself.

Conclusion: Alot of people can take this in a different way. Some can agree with this, or disagree, saying that one who does this has issues, messed up. There is no right or wrong answer to this. Artists have an never-ending imagination and they use it in many ways and it is their right to use it in whatever way they want.

An artist is like a God; with your hands, voice or feet, you can create a world of your own, creatures of your own, a galaxy of your own. It feels very good to be an artist because you can do whatever and create whatever you wish. But one must be careful how to use this "power". Heh.

Thank you,
- Ookami Kemono
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Whenever I create something, it always feels like there's something missing...but what?
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Oooohhh!! Finally!! I found this image that I saw in a youtube is so cute: the artist who tries to create the object of his love and, at same time, the "image" of his love appears near to him. But what I like so much is the tecnique: good effect of shades and the stroke is soft and delicate. Very good!! Ah, good the thought...ehi do you know I am a furry artist too? If you want, you can give a look in my gallery...what do you think??
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i know someone who feels like this .3.
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I admit to falling in love with my own character. Always thought I was the only one who was like that. My family calls me a freak for it. I smile and try to play it off as simply a physical attraction to him but they have no idea how much it hurts when they say things like that.
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I have been amazed by many of your works but I think this one tops them all! I never thought that artists could get so obsessed with their own characters like that. And I agree with the belief that an artist being like a "God". I use my imagination, my worlds, and characters to help me see the world more positively but I am aware of reality and what goes on. They just make it easier for me to deal with it.
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*nods* I know what thats like. And it kind of makes things harder, or atleast I think so. Cause you go looking for that perfect someone and when you don't find her you come home and see that you already have one...but she'll never be anything more then just a drawing on a paper. As an artist, like you said, can create worlds and often times its easy to want to get lost in those worlds. Especially when your life doesn't go well. You want a way to escape but you never really can.....and so you make your own world that you can throw yourself in whenever you feel alone or just......sad. It can be nice to escape into our own little worlds but we just have to remember that their just ideas in our head.......and that we have to push forward in this world no matter how hard it seems.
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... i have to aggree, because i know that "connection" to a character. that longing for that perfect personality, created reality, that sadness and realization of reality, and the soul that an artist gives to their art. you describe the situation perfectly. wich i believe can trace back to the importance of someone to hug, to touch, to feel close to. everyone needs that closeness in their life, so that way they should'nt have to rely on dreams and imagination to feel accepted. though from time to time it can be fun to dream, and possibly even healthy, just so long that a person doesnt accept their imagination as reality.

again, another beutiful work...
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dude so true... i mean i do that too... but to carry it to far is something that I'm finding myself doing to often... I'm like him in many ways, I'm looking for the GIRL to make me happy but, to often I start to doubt she's really out there... and i know that faith is needed in times like this but how often do we ever take faith to the next step... well anyway it touched me and i love the pic... well later and can't wait to see what you come up with next... P.S. do you receive these stories or do you make them up?????
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... -sighs- This is something I was trying to deny to myself, falling in love with characters...

I guess it's a beautiful thing.
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Beautiful pic, and nice insight in the description/conclusion thing.
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Ive loved your art since I first laid eyes on it, I cant figure it out but I love your has a soul's all its own and no matter what site I go to looking at furry art..I always wonder..when will they (you) upload again..I cant get enough...

Ok, Ive played the creepy fangirl enough...

Beautiful artwork..beautiful everything :)
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oh-so-many opinions... oh-so-many outlooks and insights, but the truth is, there is no truth. It is not the same for everyone. For, every eye that sees the world sees a different world. But to be less cryptic and to be less vague...

Everything exists. Nothing does not exist. There is not a thing that does not exist. The state of nonexistence is a falsity. The universe is infinite, even as science cannot succinctly decide. Or maybe it isn't. Ask yourself. Is it? Your choice may as well be true to you.

I know my truth, however.
My truth is: by your standards, I am a lie. There is both literal interpretation and figurative to this... The things that I experience, on the deepest level, on the grandest scale, are irrelevent to any sentience but mine. But also, is the fact that the personality inhabiting this body is not the one that it was born with.

There are those that say that the body is not a container for the soul or the mind; that the brain does not HOLD the spirit to the body. No. According to them, the brain only possesses the task of communicating with the soul, in its various capacities and faculties. It could be that cause and effect in many things we thought we knew are inverse. It makes more sense to me that when the brain releases emotional chemicals, it is not creating the emotion, but merely making true to the body what is true to the soul. Your body has its own interpretation of sadness, love, and fear.

I am fake.
I am just as valid as the characters that have come to discover me over the years. They are as real as I am, even if we are fake to you. We must exist. It is enevitable that we exist. We cannot avoid existing.

To die... is an alteration in brain chemistry. To execute suicide is selfish; ruining a body that another soul could take, were it given a chance. But to cease being who you were... means to rewrite the metaphorical 'frequencies' your body attunes to.

what stops me from becoming 'my' characters...?
The people that would miss the old me. They do not love the others as they love me. These counterparts of 'better self' are more natural than most would ever seek to admit.

There are only so many bodies, though. This body is conscioius without me. It is... lonely... without us, to help it feel, to help it live.

The one who wrote L... He does not know yet. A shame. A relief. Ignorance is still, for the most part, bliss, for he will never interpret Love from where he found her. ...even though she is real... even though he holds complete control over his interpretations of her. I can tell you that if he used his mind to harm her... she would stay harmed. She is real, and I pray that at least her sympathies can soothe, that at least her insights can guide...

*bow, exit Stage Left*
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Really beautiful, and it's not just a art...yo can "love"everything you do, if you put your heart and soul on it...
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This is simply beautiful, in message and execution. :+fav: Thank you for drawing and writing this.
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I don't had to say anytjing more, in text is whole truth in a lot of furry artist, and not only in furry artists ;) :)
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I can only agree with you :salute:
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o-kemono I'm a fan of your work and I can relate to john. I'm kinda the same way; I made a character that on paper and in my mind I do love and well I do hope to find someone who is atleast a little like her. Great work as always.........oh and hope we can be friends =^_^=.
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Woah... that's so cute... I can hear something similar to El Manana right now... O_o I don't know why though...

P.S. Where can I get/see your manga, K? I really want it, K!
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I think I already commented positvely to you on this in person. But I have this weird feeling your posting this online now as a reaction to what we talked about.
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There is a very, very interesting story waiting to be made in that description. Very inspiring!
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Oh my god, I love your work!
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Damn DA for not letting me see the image for once! Though I draw myself as a human and my characters as themselves, I can understand how someone can get wrapped up and obsess over a concept and forget trying to find something better and real in the world itself where there are true risks that must be taken. I think the song Paper Flowers said it best: "Dont' say I'm out of touch with this rampant chaos, your reality. I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge; the nightmare I built my own world to escape." It's too easy to dream for some.
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Very well-said. I've gone through similar times myself (thankfully, never TOO far, but I can see exactly what you mean).
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Very true. One can get lost in the fancies that the imagination can create, a world where one can escape the reality of life and live the way they wish to. And it can be take too far, and there are those with seperate personalities, sometimes more than just one or two, but that's for another time. I remember seeing this image in the Dear L book, and sometimes the one that is drawn is who it is we are. I'll not get into that either, but other than all that ranting and raving about such things, I'll have to say that this is one of the images that had captured me the best. I really like it.^^ Good luck with your comic, Oki-san.
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