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Life's A Chibi - Log Talk
A small comic strip. Some kind words and a nice meaningful hug can brighten up almost everybody's mode whenever they feel down and lost. It won't fix everything, but it is a positive start to a healthy recovery.

artwork © 2018 Alex Cockburn
Dinner Is Not Ready Yet
Inspired by my 2 year old daughter Olivia.

Pen on 8.5x11 paper.

artwork © 2018 Alex Cockburn
One Positive Answer
Had this sketch in my sketchbook for a while but didn't get around to finishing it until today.

There are times you question yourself on who you are, what you are, if you are good or bad and if you have a purpose in life. You remember those questions so you can answer them later. But those questions start to pile up until you only see yourself and the questions you can not answer. So many unanswered questions and you feel lost and trapped within your own doubts and anxiety. The harder you try to answer one, the more questions come to mind and stick to you. You start to lose track of who you are until you break down.

Sometimes, the most complex self questions can be answered by a few simple words - one positive conclusion that makes you feel happy and forget the kept questions you created for yourself. Think positive and those negative thoughts and questions will soon be forgotten. Calm breaths with a clear mind and you can do anything and be anyone you wish to be.

Think Positive and Believe in yourself.

artwork © 2018 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.
Im Not Sleepy
" Mommy and Daddy said that it was time for me to go to bed. But I'm not sleepy. I was watching 'Paw Patrol' while playing with my toys while snuggling next to Mommy on the couch. They put my night diaper on, tucked me under my blankie with my passie in my mouth, turned on my nightlight, gave me a kiss goodnight, gave me my plushy Monsieur Doux, turned off the light and closed the door. I hear Mommy and Daddy clean up all my toys from the other side of the door, turn off my show and started to talk about a movie and snacks. I want to watch and have snacks. I'm now left just sitting here, wondering what Mommy and Daddy are watching talking about while I try to calm myself down enough to sleep. Are they watching my shows without me? Maybe another cartoon? Why can't I watch? I don't want to go to bed now... "

At times, I wonder this whenever I put Olivia to bed. Sometimes she just zonks right out while other times it takes her a while to go to sleep. She doesn't cry at all when she is not sleepy ( thank goodness ), but mostly talk to herself or bounce around a bit before she passes out. She would often get up and race to the edge of her crib as we closed the door. Just the look on her face, not knowing what is going on or the fact that we are leaving her to to try to fall asleep sticks in my mind. Its that small feeling of being left behind or abandonment coming from her whenever I see her like that. But we have to stick to our routine schedule. Between 8pm and 8:30pm is bed time.

8.5 x 11 paper with pen and marker

artwork © 2018 Alex Cockburn


Ookami Kemono
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Earth!
Favourite genre of music: Many
Personal Quote: " Man, you are straight out of a comic book! "
Last time I made a journal post was back in May 29, 2013, a little more than 2 years ago!


I still post some art on DA now and then, but it is no longer the place where I conduct business. If you ever want to commission me, please go to my FA page ( o-kemono ) as well as my FaceBook page ( Ookami Kemono ). I only post artwork that I believe speaks on volumes here on DA. Also, since DA doesn't do well with Art Theft problems, I rather not post that much art here. There are other reasons, but they are in the journal previous to this one. You can read about it here ( Oh DeviantArt...For everyone who is/has/was watching me, you can see that I don't post that much on DA anymore. I mostly use FA and Weasyl for my furry art now.
DeviantArt, for the past month to a year, have been giving me a bit of issues. It was never this complicated when I first started 10 years ago. ( Can't believe its really been 10 years since I first used this site 0.0 ) A lot of things have been updated, almost too much. There are ads everywhere and blockers as well. They really due screw you if you are not a member. It's coming to a point where they are even advertising datelines and "kinky" links here and there. They have windows that basically overshadows your work and tells you to visit other artists that are "better" than you.
Its not just that, but even the groups here. I have been kicked out from so many furry groups on here because:
- Their submission instructions are not clear/broken.
- Even following the rules, I still get rejected from bias members/staff
- They dont like my art styl

So yeah, visit my other pages if you want to see more art by me as well as commission updates! Thank you!

- Ookami Kemono


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AliceGothic Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
Cute, good works. I like furry-Things. ^;^
^°;°^ y
aspenwendigo Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All your work is amazing!!! I wish I could be as good as you some day :3
Cyntayl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hello there. Whether you read our comments or not, I would say thank you for all those life-inspiring artworks that you made. I currently have lots of problems in my life but those enlightened my mind that there's still hope and solution to everything, no matter how depressing it'll be.

You might not know that you already saved someone's life, keep it up and have a good day. <3
(Watch from me btw ^u^ )
BadgerRainbowBlood Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Student Artist
Hey would you be willing to do a trade?
Iyna08 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018
Just saw some of your short comics. They really hit the head of the nail.
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