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Dragoon6 by O-iamzoey 


Xuán wù lóng
Mystic Mist Dragon

Mist is very mysterious nature. It can be seen but can not be seen, and can be touched but cannot be at the same time.
The mystique of mist makes people feel calm, serenity and gives inner peace in a sensuous way,  which can not be found in the life of a contemporary city.

Serenity and inner peace from the mist

Mist is mysterious. The sensual uncertainty makes it's observer feel strange emotions.
Cloudy caused by mist become one's focus inside of him/herself and the atmosphere of the air with mist, heavier than normal air.
leads to the genuine inner peace of human being by making people's messy mind calm down.


The Masterlist of Majestic Dragon and info
雄偉的龍 • Xióngwěi de lóng

Dragon list chart adopt by O-iamzoey 
Back to the series i like the most ; v ; hope he will be adore by all! 
Cat Love 
A U C T I O N 

Design by me

Owner : :icongazea9r:

Count Down:…

auction time 3 days after the first bid

Payment via paypal in usd,
pay within a 24 hour period, Otherwise the adopt will be put back into auction.

Payments Plan are allow
 PayPal fee will be included (I will included the price into the invoice)
Maximum 1 months for AB1
Maximum 2 months for AB2

(no refundable in case you are cancel during the payment plan)
*If you would love to bid with payment plans please mention when you bid ex* $ 20 (with PP)

[SB, AB]

 - Full resolution files


- [ SB ]
- [ Chibi version] 
- [ Extra Portrait ]

         Extra Chibi3 by O-iamzoey  Portrait Elfen 1 by O-iamzoey      


- [SB]

- [ AB1]

       - Full CG Kneel UP with Background (Couple are allow) (sexy is allow)


  Extra Art for Cradle-Rocket by O-iamzoey  or  Skeatch page commission for Madokawish by O-iamzoey  


Please follow by the rules!

1.  PayPal only, please! Everything is in $USD.
2. No refund
3. To the winner, I will note you the full sized file after payment is completed (extra will be follow if there was an AB).
4. You will be free to make an OC from the design but the right to the artwork is mine, please credit me when using.
5. Please don't repost or edit my art!
6. Trades and gifting is okay, please use this journal from now on if you would like to resell your adopt!
7.Please only claim if you have the funds immediately, I do not allow removal of comments, edits to the bid amount, and cancels. otherwise i'll blackish you without warning.
8. The auction will end 72 hours from the first bid. I'll add another 30 minutes for each bid afterwards as a snipe guard.
9. Credit for Toyhouse is "iamzoey" 
10. I won't hold an adopt, excluding your in good credit with me.
11.Serious bid ONLY!!
12. For Commercial Use please read this T.O.S in this Journal

Payment must be done within 24 hours.
Serious Bid Only!

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If I had the money to buy him, I would. Because OMG. BREATHTAKING. 🔥🔥🔥

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Thank you so much for your kind word dear.

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gazea9r's avatar

Two hours later and that gif is still me lol.

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Oh sorry i just wake up I remove them out. so sorry about the gif

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Oh, maybe the gif was interpreted the wrong way. No worries please feel free to delete^^. The gif context is Spongebob lives under water and needs water to live. In this gif he was trying to prove he didn't need water to a friend but he actually really does.

Translates to: I'm pretending I don't need this item, but I actually can't live without it.

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Ohh right i understand now >v<ll thank you so much!

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No worries^^ I forget that certain memes and gifs don't translate well in other countries ):

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