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Princess Eilonwy

I watched "The Black Cauldron" some point last year... so of course I wound up drawing one of the characters. It doesn't matter than none of them stood out for me.
Anyway, since females (are those who are androgynous) are easiest for me I picked Eilonwy. She is perhaps one of the closest to decent characters in the film... not that she is bad or anything... the film just... didn't draw me in at all.
I think she turned out nice in this. The colors are likely off, but it is really hard determining what color her clothes really are supposed to be considering the difference in how it can appear depending on what you are viewing the movie on, the quality of the movie and so forth. Well, I did my best.
Also, yes... she has a tad more of a chest. Since she was likely around the same age as Snow White I decided to take that road. Yeah, she might be a few years younger, but she acts older. Anyway...
That is it.
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She never gets respect.
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i love your style it's so gentle and well colored.