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Pierrot V
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My fifth attempt at drawing the romanticized French Pierrot.

Unlike the other pierrots I have drawn so far, this one is a slight concept illustration for a short story I wrote. The figure is really a doll, or more specifically a marionette. The story somewhat falls into the realms of most stories that focus on dolls... they are sentient, can move and can fall in love.

Most dolls in the story come from manufacture lines and mainly have their roles instilled in them, despite they can have varying personalities. This one was not. This puppet was handmade and though the character role was put into mind, something happened and in the end the marionette was never made as originally intended. Instead, the doll was filled with deep, painful human emotions, because the creator no longer had the role in mind, but a need for an outlet of his pains and sorrows. The marionette in turn was filled with those emotions. And because of this, the doll was forsaken... because all humans that inspected the marionette were put off by the depressed face and the strange, mournful aura that surrounded it.

In the same aspect, all the dolls, stuffed animals and other marionettes felt the same. The Pierrot made them uncomfortable, or was utterly boring. And so... all the puppet has was the moon and the stars. And that was all it ever really expected to ever have as company.
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