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Older Eilonwy

Well, as I have a bad tendency to do, I decided to do a "What if"... I drew Eilonwy a while ago and soon after I decided something. How would Eilonwy look if she had gone almost completely through adolescence like the majority of the other Disney Princess? Well, here we go.
While trying to keep the basic design, I lengthened her bangs and hair length. Her dress has been altered and since the colors of the top can range from a dull dark blue, a dull dark purple or dark gray... I decided to do a combination of the blue and purple idea. The under skirt was lightened in hue and the outer skirt was darkened. The red trimming was extended upon and her sleeves are now gauzy.
I decided to give her a more ornate headband as well. She's a princess, she's older and all that jazz... why not give her some gold and gems? So yeah, she has gold and gems.
I think I kept the eyes rather the same though, the brows... her face is a bit longer though as is her nose. Maturity and all that.
Now, some people will look at her waist and think "Tiny!!!!"
Well, yeah... I was "channeling" Ariel at the time, because when you really look at her, she had one tiny waist. It must have been from all that swimming. Well, if Eilonwy is going to look like Snow White bodywise from when the movie came out to forever... well, then... She can have a body like Ariel's in this little Twilight Zone of the universe... that and since she's a princess, I figure there is a corset somewhere under there.
Also, opposed to her elegant, "princessy" position int he first pic I did, she has a sassier, fun air to her in this. she's confident to begin with, so why not make her a bit more laid back and show her more, "I so rock" attitude?
Overall, I like it. I love how the hair came out and that the background goes along with the whole concept of her being older and progressing with her magical abilities... Certainly she was able to hone into those a bit more as she grew... (I have never read the books, so what would I know?)
Well, enough rambles. Blah.
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LOVE, LOVE THIS. she looks SO pretty.

Eilonwy is my favorite non-main/underatted female heroine and this looks fantastic
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I LOVE how you changed her outfit!sigh....I wish they had Eilonwy costumes in Wal-Mart.My hair is about her length and I`m around her age(she`s like 13,right? in the movie,right?),so it would fit I guess.
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wow so awesome i love eilonwy
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So pwetty!!! :D I love it.

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I can't see Eilonwy ever consenting to wear a corset.
But I like your redesigns.
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The corset mentioning were for those who can't see her having that waist naturally. :P
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Wow, wonderful image. I just love how you did her dress, it really has that older, more mature princessy look to it. I'm a huge fan of the folds on her skirt too, they are so pretty and flow really well. :) Excellent concept, I would've liked to see an older Eilownwy in the actual Disney merchandise.
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I love it! c: I love the Black Cauldron. Did you know Tim Burton helped with the drawings for that movie? Must have been why it was so dark..
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I remember that movie. It was really different from a lot of other Disney movies. Not my favorite, but I enjoyed how dark it was.
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Not your fave?It`s the best movie EVER!
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Ooooh. So pretty. =)
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WOW :iconstunnedplz:

I really like how made your envison of older Eilonwy :heart:

She looks gorgeus ^w^^

I bet Taran would head over heels on her :giggle:
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