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If Snow White...

If Snow White was animated in 1990.


Yeah. I am not done with her yet. Mentioned in Snow White: Modern,

"...most people will say, Disney's Snow White lacks in the look department despite she is the fairest of them."

While I like how she came out in that, and it was interesting seeing her in modern clothes... Perhaps she should have an overall revamp.
There was the case of, "Anyone can simply redo her design." I don't want to make up a whole new one. I just want to see her done less realistically and more like the late 1980s to early 1990s D-princess designs.
A cross between Ariel (1989) and Belle's (1991) eyes were used. They both have the same nose more or less, so now this version of Snow White does too. A cross between Vanessa (Ursela in disguise) and Alice's (from 1951) hair was considered. The face shape is much like Ariel's, but I added in more cheek to make her face still a bit rounder.
Her body type is more like the "other girls". In other words, it is not as realistic and very... "slender". She APPEARS to have "more of a chest", but that is only because her waist is so skinny now.
Um... the complete change in dress color scheme just sort of happened. In the beginning, it was going to be the original colors... but I thought again about the theme going on. The dress would remain the same design, minus the damn cameo thing. That white kick board annoys me and I often drop it from her number. Still though, what would her dress become now? I thought of making it mostly yellow, since blue is already used so much, But Belle already has dibs on it because of her princess gown. As said, blue is out. Why not mainly red then? Cinderella is silver/ice blue, Aurora is blue or (mainly) pink, Ariel is pink, Belle is yellow/gold, Jasmine is turquoise, Mulan is hard to tell and Pocahontas is a yellow beige. How about green? No... the up coming princess is green for the frog theme.
Red. She is the princess with the ruby red apple and made up of the colors of blood, snow and a black window pane. Hell, yeah. That will do! So... yeah. I wanted her in a blood red corset, so the white just played out on its own after that.
there you go.


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I've joked for a few years that Snow White's dress is blue and yellow because she's a big Michigan fan.  Here, she's in red and white so does that mean she's now an Ohio State fan?
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Maybe she just like coca-cola a whole lot. :P
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When mulan is around in merch she is a victim to the pink, but I think she is the only one who can pull it off, Aurora works better with royal blue and Ariel with a teal
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Agreed. Disney should go back and find a way to edit her pink dress into aqua/teal in the movie. :P Apparently they made Aurora's dress hot pink so little kids and those not terribly familiar with the Disney princesses wouldn't mistake her for Cinderella. Meh. Poor excuse! :D
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a poor excuse indeed! Cinderella wore a silver dress in the film why make it baby blue when the people who've seen the film know it was silver and Aurora's was royal blue.
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I like her dress design,thier should have used those colours for her instaet.thier suit her better
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