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Fantasia: Pastoral Symphony

I don't really remember how I got around to looking at Disney's Fantasia... but something inspired me to and a topic I had encountered a while ago appeared before me. They were the controversial scenes during the Pastoral segments regarding racism. Back from my first encounter of this topic, it was known as a lone character named Sunflower.
Well, I later found out there are apparently three different girls being presented. For the heck of it, I decided to draw the three of them like the other female centaurs. In doing so, the three are now older and dressed up in their finest. I kept their signature flowers in mind. I also lengthened their hair considerably as well. Their features are based more towards the two female zebra centaurs that served Dionysus.
Each girl has a different lip shapes, shade of brown for their eyes colors and specific make-up combination to make them a bit more customized from each other. Their horse halves are different shades of color too, but are of dark shades to keep somewhat more consistent to the original design.
The background is composed of screen captures seen in the film laced together and then completely recolored by me.
I think the picture turned out well.

Huh... This picture wound up in an article...


'Wish I was told rather than simply stumbling upon it... -__-
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This is just amazing, I love their hair and the background! :clap:
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Beautiful picture. You know, when i frist saw the uncut scene, I thought that they were simply too young to participate in the whole courtship thing; so instead they helped their older sister-like figures get all dolled up. Being the oblivious thing I was (and sometimes still am) I just assumed that once they grew up they'd be dolled up by the newest generation of centaurettes......yes, I had a sheltered childhood; why'd you ask?
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I don't know... it would be nice if more of us had that sort of obliviousness. Then racism probably would be more unlikely to occur - I only theorize that, though.
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Beautiful... :D
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That was always my favorite segment from Fantasia.
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*Nods* I have a feeling that is the favorite of most who've seen it. It is the most memorable for me in any case.
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think they look lovely. Certainly they look much better than the canon versions. I didn't know there were actually three of them until just a few months ago, either.
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Hehe, yeah poor Sunflower. :/

I loved the Zebrataurs, they were so energetic and stunning! This is nice work!

I so wish that I'd had the money for it years ago, but at a comic convention a guy was selling an old porcelain collectable of one of the zebra girls. I soooo want it. It's soooo long gone.
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