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Complete by Nyxity Complete by Nyxity
I never really saw Disney's Bolt until long after it came out. My first viewing I thought it was an okay film and I liked Mittens. My second viewing, I really liked Mittens and wished there was a movie centered more on her. Anyway, I eventually looked around for fan art and fiction on her. What I found was... people trying to create a human romance between them rather than an animal one. :stare:

I huge fan of animals in general, I know dog and cat behavior rather well through a life lived with them always in the home, learning through animal shows and just reading up on cats in general whenever adopting a kitten. So, a dog and a cat kissing like humans using their lips? That is ridiculous to me. A friendly lick or attempt to groom the other? A nudge/rub of the heads? The light bumping of noses? Those are kisses and hugs between a dog and a cat.

Then there was the fan stuff that took it to a very physical inter-species relationship...Face Palm emote 

I'll give some leeway to those who tried to rectify this by making them anthropomorphic and thus having many human traits physically, mentally and the like... but...

Where is a platonic or at least the simple romantic asexual stuff? The stuff you actually see between real dogs and cats? I found nothing. :stare:

So this is for me and anyone else looking for just good old soul mates who like to simply spend time near each other and at best cuddle.

Art by me (Nyxity)

Bolt Characters © Disney Company. All Rights Reserved.
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Sleeping Bolt And Mittens
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March 10, 2016
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