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BatB: Switch of the Sexes by Nyxity BatB: Switch of the Sexes by Nyxity

Wow… it is actually done and I am actually posting something this year. Holy cow.

Like how many who saw my first attempt (… ) at switching the sexes of the titicular characters of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast have assumed, THIS IS NOT A ROLE SWAP! This is the Beast as a female and Belle as a male.

Anyway, yeah… When looking at the two side by side, I see merits in both of them as well as flaws. Oh, well. Rather than the bright, somewhat yellow overtones of my first attempt a decade ago, this one leans more to reds.

I also tried a bit harder to make She-Beast slightly less anthropomorphic, but it didn’t translate once the hairstyle was drawn and the big skirt was in place. Nevertheless, I mostly was thinking of the torso of a large cat – lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, jaguar…  She actually has a thick neck hiding beneath that mane of hair and she has a slightly more up and down torso. The only reason her stomach has that tuck is because, yes, she resorted to a corset. Poor thing…

Also, look! She is actually a bit taller than Beau(?) this time! And she certainly is not wearing any shoes; she stands about an inch higher than him. (Some may have complained about how my first attempt of She-Beast was so petite, but dang it… look at the freaking wolves in the movie! A petite She-Beast could still be absolutely formidable and deadly.)

I kept in mind the horns better and gave her ones that would be found on a cow rather than a buffalo.

Anyway, I still went with the case of the Beast, whether male or female would always wear the ball gown in blue and Beau would wear a yellow-golden jacket. One would think the addition to keeping their signature colors in check would have helped last time, but no…

Also, no… That isn’t the enchanted rose. I would have made it more pink hued and give it a glow if it was. I like to think it is one Beau picked for her and the reason it shines up top is due to there being snow and ice. Mainly, though, I just wanted a rose there… and made sure it was a deep red one for the whole symbolism of love blooming or some such silliness.

I think my main wince-worthy on this is that I made Beau’s eyes too big… old habits die hard. I love drawing eyes and in turn they always wind up too big. I think some of me sort of saw this because the nose seems a smidge too big also. Oh, well.

I do like that the She-Beast looks a lot more parallel to my old art of her human form (… ) now, though…

The background is an enlarged and zoomed in screen capture from the animated movie! I make no claim to it!


I think that is all I have to babble about on this. Yay.

Art by me (Nyxity)

Beauty and the Beast Characters © Disney Company. All Rights Reserved.

Miranh Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2019
Ehy, this is sooo good! I'm just sorry to have found this just now :)
coredumperror Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018
How on EARTH does this wonderful piece have 0 comments?! A travesty, I tell you! This is really quite gorgeous!

Have you seen Miranh's take on this concept? She's made an entire comic out of edited screenshots from the film. It's quite good.
Nyxity Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, I check her page almost daily. :}
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