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My Bio

Internet Alias: Nyxity Lee

Age: Born too soon. Arrived too late.

Artist Status:

"Retired" due to irreversible damage to the nerves from intense and excessive periods of drawing and coloring for a decade. Amusingly enough, my nerves already were suffering from overuse simply from all the writing and note-taking for school work before art became my "crutch" in life.

Take care of your fingers, wrists and arms, people! I wasn't even in middle school when my arm was showing signs of tennis elbow and what can be said? I had to write to do homework, take notes and compose essays while in class... By middle school it was that and then any free moment I had in between was spent drawing.

Under those conditions I managed a decade worth of drawings and half of it isn't even on the internet. I suppose I am lucky since "creating art" was not my passion. It was "my drug of choice".

Favourite Movies
My Top 3 (in no particular order) would be A Beautiful Mind, The Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting.
Favourite TV Shows
Due to life, I don't really watch TV shows anymore.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I can no longer listen to music without getting migraines.
Favourite Books
I'm more for anthologies and reading fan fiction these days. Again, migraines.
Favourite Writers
Back when I could read for hours on end... Neil Gaiman.
Favourite Games
Unless they are puzzle games with no time meter, I'll likely have a panic attack. I'm better at watching others play.
Tools of the Trade
I can't draw anymore. I drew as long as I could until I could no longer wield a drawing instrument or even an eating utensil.

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Are you going to continue the modern disney girls series

Unfortunately no. I actually wrote a long journal entry before that mentioned the reason I have stopped drawing, but after DA had a major revamp it was completely lost and I was pretty lost in how to navigate.

Anyway, from memory, I have always had over-stressed muscles in my hand and wrist since the time I was around ten. This was likely due to the constant handwritten-related assignments from school, chores and drawing. Well, have that carry on all the way to entering college... by 2007 my hand and wrist was pretty much shot. The pain laced up from my pinky finger all the way to my upper arm. I had to keep it immobile for a long time.

When the brace was finally off, I did try to slowly work up the strength in them again, but the exercises were detrimental since the movements pretty much mimicked what caused the injury to begin with. I tried to continue to draw, but simple, light doodling hurt after a few minutes. In the end I gave up on drawing by 2010. To this day just writing my signature is awkward and the pain can flare up out of nowhere, even when I haven't done anything notable with said hand.


I used to follow your websites (like Silence is Gold) years ago, and I got curious about what's been going on with you, and I ended up here. I'm really sorry about what happened to you... I've been dealing with my own disabilities and health problems for more than a decade, so I can relate, at least to some extent, with what you've been going through. I was wondering, do you have another blog or somewhere you update online? I'm going to guess that you might not run anything online now, but if you do, I'd love to follow what you're doing now.