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War Between Monstrosities by NyxenAvenger War Between Monstrosities by NyxenAvenger
Acauldrus jumped off the ship and onto the ground of the Hive Fortress, Malecendum in hand. Xanon and his lieutenants were waiting for her as if he was expecting her to come back in one piece, she trudged towards Xanon and offered him the object with both hands.

"You made it back, surprisingly. Thank you for retrieving this cursed artifact." Xanon took the Malecendum from her, his fellow daemen stepped back so as to not be vaporized by the sheer cosmic energy.

Suddenly blaster fire was heard going all around the Fortress, Acauldrus and Xanon took to cover inside the hall as the blasts ripped apart the platform they were standing on. Xanon rushed towards the edge of the Hive Fortress with lighting speed, and what he saw struck fear in his heart.

Bloodspire Peak had risen from the depths of Underrealm, large scorpion-like tentacles covered the bottom half as it floated slowly towards the Fortress. A multitude of ships flew out from every orifice of the Peak, covering the outside of the Fortress in red-hot energy fire. Xanon could hear the crooked laugh of Tytan from inside the Peak, a laugh he had not heard for many decades. Clutching the Malecendum in his hand, he turned towards Acauldrus who was the only one who survived the first assault.

"Damn it, I knew this day would come! I have longed to prevent it but here it is, attacking my sacred fortress! You, get inside and find my little Xyr, you make sure she is safe!" Xanon jumped high towards the highest peak of the Fortress, eldritch alarms blared in every twisted building rallying daemen and Underspawn alike to counter the threat of Tytan.

Acauldrus ran off to the labs as fast as she could go, the wound she sustained on the Peak impaired her speed greatly.

But it would be nothing compared to the loss of a friend.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please be OK, Xyr!

Please be OK!
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
Is Xyr, dead?
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