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Training For Greatness III by NyxenAvenger Training For Greatness III by NyxenAvenger
In the span of three days, Argus had turned from a mass of lovable flesh and into a competent warrior. Gor'gahn had noticed she was growing in strength from the look of her bulky arms, that and she had started to get skilled with the blades. He reckoned it was time to teach her the spiritual ways of un-hai, so during the night he took her out to the stone podium that overlooked the city, the moon illuminated the sky and the winds were scarce.

The perfect environment.

"While I have taught ya how to fight in the ways of un-hai, it is not just physical. I will teach ya how to harness the cosmos and use it for ya own means. Krazoa is not just a mere warrior, he has studied the mystical and spiritual arts for years, and will use his tricks to catch ya off guard." Argus was eager to learn of this aspect of un-hai, it was clear from the look on her face.

"Sweet, I can't wait to learn about this stuff! Teach me the ways, brother." 

"Very well, first ya focus ya mind. Breath deeply, and close ya eyes..."

"The cosmos is everywhere, even though ya might not notice. Feel it flow through your body, and then...ya do ya thing."
Gor'gahn closed his eyes as he shifted his hands towards his chest, they started to glow a bright green as the cosmos flowed into the centre, creating a ethereal green ball. He smiled with a slight smugness as he looked towards his sister, who was attempting the same thing to no avail.

"It ain't working brother, am I doing something wrong?" Argus tried again, but it still did not come. Gor'gahn gave his sister a reassuring smile.

"No, it may not come instantly. But when ya need it, ya know what to do. For now, just follow what I do."
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, you can't just get it off the bat. :D
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016
I liked how you said Argus is a mass of lovable flesh. I thought that was cute. :)
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