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To Court An Incubus by NyxenAvenger To Court An Incubus by NyxenAvenger
Far away from the cold lands of Sentinel Peak, across the vast oceans and into the unknown territory within the Germanic lands lurked the Maw. A pit from which the terrible city of Gomorrah was raised, a place from which the vile succubi and incubi were born. Sadistic and perverted beings that preyed on the lust of both human and demon, whomever they captured never came out the same in the Maw.

And like most demonic societies, there had to be a lord. Overlord Tash'talin was his full title, but he preferred the name Tash. An incubus of high power and flair who had made his way to the top one pitiful soul at a time, he would reside himself in his luxurious palace of pain enjoying the luxuries fitting for a lord.

Tonight was no different, but his most loyal servant, an incubus named Balal had brought to him an artefact of great power deep within the bowels of the Maw. In return he would get enough money to enjoy all the whores it could buy, so it seemed. Tash stood in front of the strange object, inspecting it with his keen eye and impeccable smell. He smiled to himself, finally something of worth he could flaunt around for tomorrow. 

"You have done well darling, an impressive find." He caressed the black membrane surrounding the yellow blots which formed and unformed as time passed, he could feel the raw energy nipping at his cold, blue skin. His servant knelt down on his knee, compliance would be key if he wanted a chance at luxury.

"Thank you, my lord." Balal looked up to catch a peek at his master's bountiful behind. Tash like most of his ilk enjoyed consuming souls, but being a lord meant more enemies raised which means more souls. His thighs had bloated from years of leftover soul residue, it made him more enticing to those willing to bed him be it men or women.

"Do not worry, you will get your reward soon enough. But first, do you mind telling me why she is here?" His smile did not fade, which worried the young incubus as he sharply looked up at his lord.

"Who? There is none here but us my lord." Tash giggled, as quick as a flash his foot was on the nape of Balal's neck. All that curvaceous goodness had started to clog up his windpipe, he could only sputter and cough as Tash looked down with gleeful contempt.

"You stink of a liar, let me show you." Tash's nimble hand tensed as he raised it slowly up into the air, choking sounds could be heard as the invisible being became visible. Pink skin donning crimson armour, a succubus assassin of all things.

"I don't knough...what she isg doing hare,!" His polite voice had changed into a rough guttural one. Tash simply laughed it off.

"I expected it would come to this, sooner or later you too would set your eyes upon my throne. Fucking your way to power is not the best way, even a mere mortal call smell your stench!" Tash applied more pressure onto the throat, causing Balal's sight to blur and fade into darkness. Tash let go as he looked up at the succubus, her claws grasped the air as tears ran down her iron visor.

"Don't take this too personally, if your fate was up to me I would have you as my maiden. Oh the things we could have done! But your friend is to blame here, but at least you will make a great addition to my figure!" Tash closed his fist, the glow enveloped the unfortunate demon as skin tore away from muscle, muscle tore away from bone, and bone tore away into dust. When all was done the only remnants of her left were bits of her gear and the pink soul in his claws, he observed the thing as its spectral face shied away from his gaze. He pinched the wispy tail and sucked out the delicious contents, soft flame travelled down his throat as he relished in this moment.

He looked down upon the unconscious Balal. The overlord could easily kill him right now and be done with it, but death was a mercy in this city. The great day was slowly approaching, and he did need a spectacle for it. Perhaps...yes he would! The thought of it pleasured him deeply. He flung Balal over his shoulder and made his way out, gesturing to an iron-clad behemoth to his right to store the object deep within the safety of his palace.

"Oh Balal, you will have your reward down in the Hormin chambers. If you desire power, then the corimunculi will give it to you tenfold!" The only sound left through the night was his ugly laughter echoing across the vast corridors of the palace.


To Court An Incubus kicks off with an introduction to our antagonist (sort of), Overlord Tash! 

I love incubi and succubi, so I'm glad to get them into this whole demonic world of mine haha!

Hope you enjoy!
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, this sounds like another exciting part coming up!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you're excited about it! This will be a fun episode eheh
DamianMyutsuu Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thick males?

Now that's a rather unique surprise to you're gallery .w.
endecis15 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i really love tash, he as that...aura of power will still staying sort in a sort of been respectable, he is a incubus, not a monster and i do like the fact his power is in part shown by his massive rear, really good comcept to be honest, we don't see succubus and incubus sporting that everyday ! also if it was just me, i think i would work for him
bjmakey Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
That is a good boy butt I love it and hope to see more 😏
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear!
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