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They Will All Join Us by NyxenAvenger They Will All Join Us by NyxenAvenger
Dissection was a messy business, you had to determine what body parts to keep intact, which ones to remove, and most of all which ones warranted research. It was a tedious time but it was important for Monarkh, decades of researching had allowed him to gain knowledge and experience of the body. There were countless test subjects back when the colony was still inhabited by humans, so there was plenty of room for error. It was like being a scientist at a bio weapons convention, and deep down it gave the mutated being some semblance of comfort. 

Black claws dug into the edge of the light-blue specimen's grey eye, before pulling to reveal the wet, light pink stalk underneath. The tubes in his scarred, green flesh pumped cold embalming fluid into his veins from the side of his throne, this satisfied him greatly. He trailed his claw along the damp muscle, no points of interest on this specimen other than an abnormal tumour beneath the eye. And these were supposed to be the progenitors before him! He ripped the eye away and placed it near the being's dissected waist. 

Weakness would not be allowed upon this potential soldier, anything that would hinder a wendigo would be replaced with metal and wires. He would grant this corpse better sight, as he picked up the eye implant and placed it near the specimen's head. Before he could do his work he heard the pattering of feet nearing closer to his abode.

"The-missile-is-primed-and-ready, master." A familiar voice rang out, they were words he had hoped to hear. Meticulously removing the tube from his back, he stood up and walked around to his crimson commander. He had been badly injured from today's events, the explosion had charred his skin and ripped his arm apart, rendering it a red stump. Pieces of jagged metal pierced his crimson helm, one dug so deep that he was only able to see out of one eye now. He did not show pain nor fear, and that impressed the wendigo.

"Then prepare to launch." He coldly responded, the crimson helmed wendigo looked towards him. 

"Hnm, but that is not why you are here. Is it?" Monarkh questioned, prompting a nod from the commander. He gestured towards the wendigo to follow him as they both walked towards the large window dominating the abode. From it they could see everything, the weapon, the colony and the lands beyond. Monarkh coughed from his mask as he bashed his fist into his large, iron chest.

"It is unfortunate that we lost so many soldiers to that beast, but the resources obtained have granted us this moment. Now our glorious destiny shall be fully realised." The crimson helmed wendigo gave a slight smile, it was clear to him that he had some concerns.

"The-sentinel-may-still-be-alive." Monarkh nodded at this concern, out of all the wendigan he faced she was the only one smart enough to escape, even if it risked her life.

"It is possible, a demon with such a powerful will to live..." Monarkh abruptly stopped, this was no time to ponder. He turned towards his comrade with great authority in his stance, placing his arms behind his back.

"No matter, what matters is now. If she is alive then we must prepare our defences, demons like her are equal to an entire army. She will come for me, and will not hesitate to render decades of blood and sweat to ashes." His eyes looked towards the charred stump on his comrade, it brought wondrous ideas into his mind.

"Oh, your arm. That can be fixed, you have shown great courage against this menace. I will take your broken body and forge you into a commander of iron, fit to preside over our countless armies when the final victory comes." The crimson commander knelt down in front of his mentor, his predatory grin as big as it was before.

"Victory, as-with-all-things-is-yours-to-take." He walked past Monarkh and back down the ominous hallway to oversee the preparations. Monarkh turned his eyes to outside, where the missile laid in the middle of the colony. He spoke to himself as he looked on towards his destiny.

"It matters not who stand in our way, be it humans, demons, generals or the overlords of old. They may fight to their last breath, they may run to the darkest depths of this world. But even the most powerful beings will break under the tooth and the blood of the wendigo, and when they are all rotten corpses against the soil..."

Red lights shone below the gigantic weapon shortly after, alarms sounded throughout the base as the weapon primed itself for activation. Through the black eyes and that iron gas mask, he smiled for the first time in years.

"They will all join us."


Episode 7 concludes as the weapon is completed and prepared, Monarkh looks on as he prepares his defences for the coming of Isabeth.

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Let's hope Isabeth can stand her ground next time.
AlduinGijinka Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student General Artist
I really love the attention to detail you put in all your backgrounds. Keep up the good work, Nyxen.
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
Cannot wait for Isabeth to cut down this undead nutcase.
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