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There's...Nothing!?! by NyxenAvenger There's...Nothing!?! by NyxenAvenger
The sky was orange, and the sun started to set onto the desert mountains of Khelemak. The tree of eternal balance rustled and shook in the hot winds as Gor'gahn, still hurt from the day of the fight, wrenched the Celestus out from the wooden hands of the carving. He turned around to see his pudgy sister behind him, she was nervous, but if it were any time to act nervous it would be now. He was told by his master, prior to his demise, that the Celestus held the greatest power in the world. A limitless, cosmic power, so he was told.

"Here it is, the artifact that will make ya the Celestial Sage, are ya sure ya want this? There may be no turning back once you open it."

"Given that I'm in a land which has an unstoppable soul-eating warrior rampaging towards this city, I'm sure I want this."

"Very well."
Gor'gahn knelt down and offered the Celestus to Argus, which she slowly grabbed and lifted it from his hands. Both excited and terrified, she wearily opened the ancient blue artifact with shaky hands. As it opened a bright orange glow seeped from the opening, which made her wince as she further opened it's contents. Gor'gahn shielded himself as his sister yelled in fright as the glow enveloped her face, only to fade away as she looked at it.

"It's...blank?!" Gor'gahn abruptly peered at her.

"What?" The artifact contained no words, no secrets, it was all just a blank, worthless slab of orange glass inside. Argus didn't know what to say or think, there was only shock.

"Take a look brother!"

"No I cannot, only you can see it!"
Gor'gahn paused, then snatched the Celestus from her sister. Opening and closing the artifact multiple times, he himself could not understand why it wasn't working.

"I can't believe it...there's nothing." Argus groaned as she sat her pudgy self down upon the grass, saddened by this revelation.

"Argh, so the Guardian was just a crazy fella after all?" Hearing those words made Gor'gahn glare a deathly glare towards her.

"No! He was the wisest of us all, he couldn't have just...ugh..." He was at a loss for words. As they were about to continue arguing the hot winds turned cold, the orange sky turned crimson, and even the black moon rose out to eclipse the red sun. Thunder could be heard as Gor'gahn looked up to the sky. 

"He's here." Gor'gahn muttered as he turned towards his sister, his scarred face cold as ice.

"Ok, let's not panic here. I'll go guide the folks to the underground tunnels, maybe all of ya can survive for the next day or two." Argus stood up and placed a leather covered hand upon her brother's chest, tears started to well-up in her eyes.

"What about yourself? Ya really in no condition to fight that madman!" Gor'gahn could only hug her as her tears flowed down his chest, he did not have time to be emotional, but this final embrace between brother and sister wrenched a single tear in his bruised eye. He tried to regain composure as he left for the city grounds, staff in hand, leaving his sister well alone in the garden.

"I lost ya once, I'm not going to lose ya a second time."


Argus recieves the Celestus, but it turns out to be...different than expected. 

Now the city is faced with Krazoa, who is many miles away!

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Rez14 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That moment when the apocalypse is upon you and the only key to stop it turns out to be a complete enigma that you need to figure out.
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
1. That's an awful shiner he has
2. Kung Fu Panda Reference! Argus's Po, Gor'gahn's Shifu and Krazoa's Tai Lung!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, they're screwed.
Artbot5000 Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
No offense but I'm getting Kung Fu Panda vibes fact I like it, XD
Internjoe Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
If you remove the story in the description it looks like two people who ran out of money and a loan shark is coming for them
Landasher12 Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
Kinda does
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