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The Weight Of Your Past by NyxenAvenger The Weight Of Your Past by NyxenAvenger
They had crossed the mountainous terrain and now found themselves within the bowels of Sentinel Peak's land. The chilly atmosphere the two embraced still lingered within the icy caverns, seeping through the visors and holes of the tank to tickle their skin. The tank abruptly stopped, prompting the two to climb out of it and glimpse at the obstacle in front of them. Taskmaster groaned as Isabeth continued staring at the icy water.

"Tank's stuck, there is a lake in front of our path!" Isabeth glanced at the old man.

"Do you have rope?" The pale demon asked, he paused before climbing back into the entrance. She peered down to observe, and was met with a large tangle of rope flying up to greet her. Immediately she gripped the end and began to wrap it around her robust waist, the old man's head popped out of the hole. Isabeth bent down on one knee.

"Then I will guide us across." She spoke in a dry tone of voice. Taskmaster nodded as he went back inside while the demon wrapped the rest of the rope around the tubes dotting the right side of the tank's front. Taskmaster sat down on the metal chair and waited. Isabeth was strong but his tank was large and heavier than any other tank in the world, according to him. Could Isabeth really pull it with just her waist?

His answers came as the tank jerked into motion, and the sounds of water could be heard below as it slowly slithered into the icy lake. A moment passed as Isabeth continued wading into the lake, her fiery axe gripped tight her firm hand. The cold waters brushed up to her knees as illuminating blue hues of the icy cavern glistened off her horns.. She did not care for the biting damp cold, the road ahead was all that mattered to her. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of metal clanging and the whirring of mechanical parts.

"What are you doing?" She asked, her eyes narrowing and darting behind to observe the commotion. Taskmaster was on top of the tank, his wrinkled bare chest exposed. His left hand gripped a spanner while the other was resting on top of a contraption, a contraption that seemed to be composed of out the bombs she had brought.

"Putting together a bigger bomb out of your bombs, cannot have them rattling around tank. When I have fused them together they will cause big enough blast." He explained, the pale demon snorted in response.

"Big enough blast is all we may have to stop weapon." Taskmaster tapped the spanner on the metal surface of the tank before going back to his work.

"Even bigger with the tank, I've got Winterbane's reactor and systems packed with enough nuclear energy to level an entire city. Enough to blow up Monarkh's lair, there is no doubt." The eyes of Isabeth widened as she looked back on her comrade.

"You would sacrifice your tank?" She questioned, with a curious hint in her voice.

"Sacrifice is necessary in order to truly prevail, you should know that by now my friend." He answered. Isabeth looked back to the task ahead and continued to pull Winterbane across. They had crossed half of the river when Taskmaster glimpsed at his work, as if in a state of contemplation. He looked towards the pale demon.

"Do you ever feel the weight of your past, the battles, the people? It is a thing that I feel myself, when I lie awake during the long nights."

Isabeth paused in her task, the brief silence was deafening to the old man. She began to slowly walk across as her stare grew ever unflinching.

"Yes, every day." She answered, her voice as cold as the icy caverns.

After a while the waters started to recede as the wendigan pulled herself onto the dry, snow covered land, with Taskmaster and Winterbane following after. The blue tinge of the caverns slowly died down and the dwindling light of the sky enveloped them both. And upon their view stood a lone towering structure, dotted with cavernous holes and rusted, icy metal. It was a ruined testament to the unforgiving nature of the land. Her legs quickly drying out in the cold, Isabeth unravelled the rope around her waist as the old man hopped out of the tank, his once bare chest now covered up by his usual green coat.

"We are here, this is outpost. We may find clues here." Isabeth declared as she raised her axe at the building, Taskmaster took out his trusted shotgun and passed by the pale demon, intent on the search ahead.

"For sake of world we better have." He muttered under his breath.


New finale piece! Isabeth navigates the tank around the icy caverns while Taskmaster creates a bigger bomb from her bombs, and Isabeth is asked a question about her past.

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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, she strong!
Feyzer Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh how big is she? :D Just plowin' through the cave while haulin' the friggin' tank :D
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018
BOY is Isabeth one strong lady!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She strong AF HAAA
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