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The Wager Is Made by NyxenAvenger The Wager Is Made by NyxenAvenger
The throne room, the one place where a person can feel like the king of the world. Deima never understood the use for such an accommodation, but she understood the importance. As she walked through those large red doors down the hall that was her lord's throne room, she could not help but be marvelled by its glorious nature, a nature that would make lesser demons cower in fear. And in the middle of it all stood the golden throne, lined with dragons and serpents alike, with a pudgy overlord resting upon the seat. She looked bored, she was not in the usual intimidating position.

"You called for me, yes?" She asked as she strode down the red carpet, Augus looked up and rested her arms on top of her desk.

"Yes, I have a personal matter I wish to discuss with you."  Her words prompted Deima to raise an eyebrow while she stood by her overlord, who etched the top of the red desk with soft strokes.

"You talk about personal matters when I am working with my lord, I did not expect you to call me over such thing." Augus sighed as she palmed the red surface, her face filled with annoyance from everything around her.

"Well I'm famished, is it too hard for those guys to supply me with nourishment? I haven't had a filling meal since this morning." She grumbled, Deima's face was blank and her mind confused.

"And you called me here...because of that?" Augus simply gave a hellish glare towards her bodyguard.

"What do you think I just said right now? Yes it's because of that!" 

Deima needed to act fast, her overlord was annoyed and hungry, and her mother was depending on her to distract said overlord. She needed a plan, but then an idea came into her head, an idea that seemed good enough to try. She just had to naturally insert it into their conversation.

" so happens I am bored with things as of late, I am looking for challenge around here." She usually had to improvise in battle, but this was the first time she did so through words. Augus gave a small, raw laugh as she produced a glowing red ball from her hand.

"You seek to challenge your lord? I could sear your flesh to the bone right now if I wanted." Deima raised her hands up to explain, she breathed slowly.

"I am not stupid to battle with my lord with fists." The orb disappeared, and Augus rested her hands on her chin, her curiosity peaked.

"So..." She pressured Deima to draw out the point from her lips. The wendigan clamped both hands together and pointed them at her lord.

"I am proposing night out around town, a duel of consumption. It will provide for both of our needs, I will pay for food out of...kindness in my heart. If I beat you, I get the glory of victory. And if you beat me..." Augus smiled, this would be an easy duel and she could decide her bodyguard's fate with this. While secretly thankful that she would get to eat some good food, it was almost reckless challenging her to this...duel of consumption, though the wendigan had a large appetite Augus would decide to push her until she gave up. And the best part was that it was Deima's money that would be spent, all to be subjected to her will.

"If I win, I'm going to build a dungeon under here and chain you inside. You will serve as my ravenous monster, consuming every traitor and weakling I throw down there. And trust me...huuhuu, there will be plenty to go around for you." Augus gave a toothy smile, prompting the bodyguard to rub her neck anxiously. It sounded almost...entertaining but it was a fate she would want to avoid.

"Then wager is made!" Deima held out her hand, to which the overlord smirked in response.

"Indeed, come back this afternoon. We will see who comes out on top!" Augus grasped her hand, sealing the wager for a night that the both of them would never regret, for all eternity.




Also a return to Augus' throne room!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Incoming monster bellies!
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017
This is going to be interesting. Gunna be great seeing more crazy stuffing stuff coming!
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