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The Spoils Of Battle by NyxenAvenger The Spoils Of Battle by NyxenAvenger
After giving over the trophy to her cronies followed by celebration in which tons of drinking was involved, Deima sat back on whatever seat was nearest in the docking area, dropping the large stash of pay to her side. Slightly tipsy, she looked behind her back to admire the orange-tinted view.

Even though Augus had bought the derelict, but still functioning ship, it looked like she was almost finished with her work, barring the surrounding scaffolding. It looked fit for an overlord, intricate gold metal coated the front of the crimson scout ship, and its engines purred as the technicians tested for any problems inside. The benefits of having tons of minions. A lone truck sat on the floor, door wide open exposing the supply inside. A specialised demon inspected its contents, for it was often hard to distinguish which was food supplies and which was the 'product'. The whole place reeked of disinfectant and sweat.

Deima turned around and stifled a hiccup, she could barely feel the bleeding cuts and embedded metal in her grey skin thanks to the litres of 'weak' alcohol. As she counted up the cash, she noticed clawed, bandaged feet striding down the concrete path, revenge resting firmly in her claws. The plump overlord grinned as she stopped to see how her valued bodyguard was doing, a lot of Yaoguai were killed and half of her rival's place had been levelled so she must have been at least exhausted from the whole ordeal.

"Fancy seeing you here Miss Luvenka, I see you are enjoying the spoils just as I am enjoying mine." Deima nodded while she stared at the severed head of the vile traitor, her lord was content for it meant another trophy to put into her collection. 

"Is good, one less enemy to worry about. Nice ship." Her head gestured towards the ship prompting the overlord to face it, her face beamed with pride.

"It is indeed, the underlings are still figuring out the kinks but I reckon it will be fully functioning by tonight. This is what power is after all." She boasted as she pointed a finger towards the ship. Deima briefly looked at it before looking back at her, slightly confused by what she meant.

"Is ship?" Deima asked, to which the robust overlord stuck her nose up in contempt.

"No, it is a hundred underlings who follow my will, I could order them to jump off a cliff and they would do it without question." Deima looked at the prominent metal shard embedded in her shoulder, she would rip it out later, for now she preferred to be decent in front of her lord. She clenched her fist, her reflexes were still in working order even after that catastrophic blast.

"Is unusual power, was told that power comes from strength." Augus gave a small chuckle, though this demon was good and valuable she still had much to learn in the world of demons and overlords.

"It can come in many forms, now if you'll excuse me I will retire to my quarters for the evening. This hundan will serve me better now that he is dead. Enjoy your weekend." The overlord waved her goodbye as she strutted down to her quarters, her large tail knocking over an unfortunate lackey in the process.

Deima simply exhaled the ice cold air from her nostrils, before picking up the stash of cash and heading off back to her home. She needed a hot bath, and something to give her some sustenance through the dark cold night. The slightly warm surface of the complex turned into thick snow as Deima walked further away.

Maybe some of that Wendigan alcohol mother had made would help soothe her, that sounded like a good idea. 


Deima and Augus both enjoy the spoils of the failed uprising, and the overlord briefly lectures her bodyguard on power.

Really liked how this turned out, the orange lighting was inspired back here at home! They have a ton of sodium vapor street lights and they give off this grungy feeling so I thought it would look nice here!

Hope you enjoy!
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endecis15 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
another well done job Deima, but a bodyguard job is need done hehe also that lighting effect is really nice !!!
ChaosDeflier Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Another day, another 100,000,000 dollars done in collateral damage
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just an ordinary day in the life of Deima!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Another day, another job done.
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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