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The Residents by NyxenAvenger The Residents by NyxenAvenger
The two demons left the land for the safety of the strange lair, cold snow turned into lukewarm wood as the two entered through the iron doors. Though the area was quiet one could be able to hear the hearty roars and the sounds of teeth upon fresh meat resonating behind the doors in front of them. Augus pressed her hands upon her back and twisted her rather corpulent figure from side to side, she spread her clawed fingers almost as if this was something she had anticipated for in this strange dream. She rested her palms on her wide middle and turned to address her bodyguard, who had just been waiting for the usual orders.

"Right, through that door I'm going to unleash hell on everyone inside. Go and do whatever you please while I'm at it, avoid the hell fire if you can." She clicked her neck as her hand started to glow a bright red, Deima crossed her arms and looked towards her lord with amusement.

"Did not think of you as caring for my well being." Augus smirked as she expelled a furious bolt of hell fire towards the doors, turning them into clouds of splinters and smoke.

"I don't, I care for your talents not for your self." She ran into the smoke, hands glowing furiously. Deima stood there, arms still crossed as she heard the explosions and the screaming of the residents inside. Rolling her eyes she ripped a large shield of twisted metal from the wall and she too ran into the smoke. It was as if it was a battlefield, the malformed, blind horned residents ran towards the overlord as she jumped around flinging deadly spells at the beings, screaming with furious anger as she did. It was strange to the bodyguard that someone of her girth was able to move around as fast as she could, but then a lot of things did not make sense in this dream.

As she walked across the smashed tables and spilled food dotting the area, a small resident ran towards her prompting Deima to smash the shield into his mouth. The upper half of his head flew into the air as his corpse fell to the ground. Another resident jumped from the upper balcony to attack, but she raised her fist and punctured his chest as it burst through his back. Having noticed that two exceptionally large residents were coming up from behind her lord to strike, Deima flung the corpse at one of them which knocked him down onto the table, flattening it to a wooden pulp. The other resident's hand started to glow a furious blue and raised it towards Augus, but was stopped as the shield rammed into the base of his skull, splitting it in two as it's body fell onto a smaller, weaker resident.

Augus briefly stared at Deima, before continuing off on her journey of fire and death. Deima sat next to a table and grabbed a large bottle sitting on the top, she placed it onto her pale lips and swallowed the strange contents. She sat there for the remainder of the time, thinking of how this strange place came into being as the fires burned, the residents flew from side to side, and the hellish screams of the overlord filled her eardrums.



New story piece as Augus and Deima face off agaisnt the vicious residents of the lair!

Hope you enjoy!
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endecis15 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
this is pretty cool to see XD
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just another day of ass-kicking.
Anicecupofoldmilk Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do they fight with those big bellies?
Rez14 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Talent. And magic.
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