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The Parting Of Ways by NyxenAvenger The Parting Of Ways by NyxenAvenger
The bored holes inside the ruined tower were numerous and massive enough for both the demon and the Nar'ruk to travel through with comfort. Isabeth navigated around the various chasms with care, one wrong step would only add further annoyance to her already difficult day. The giant beast on the other hand discarded such danger, it leaped from one unstable ledge to another with such ease that even the battle-worn demon had to grab a ride on its side in order to get out quicker. The beast breathed the land itself, so it was wise to trust it with getting out of the tower.

Finally, what was once darkness had turned into the cloudy grey skies of the north, the sudden brightness blinded the two for a few brief seconds. Once her sight had returned she released her grip on the creature's hide, to which it emitted a low hum from its carved, stony mask. Isabeth trudged herself down the snow-covered rocks until her feet touched the white plains, as the sentinel took the first few steps on the journey back home she glanced back. The beast was perched upon the highest rock, observing as she left it's sight. It gave a thankful whistle-like roar which from far away even the demon could hear, before it turned around and made its way back into the old tower that it knew as home.

Isabeth looked down to her hand, blood had started to run down the handle of her axe and drip upon the surface of the snow. It would close up by the next day, she reckoned, but she would need to treat it until then.  But now she had learned more about Monarkh, and the sudden surge of the wendigo. Her ordinary iron axe and her handgun would not suffice to combat this undead threat, she would need a weapon far greater than she had used before.

And she was thankful that she wedded the one demon who could forge such things.


Isabeth and the Nar'ruk part ways as they return to their respective homes, with newfound knowledge of the wendigo threat she resolves to obtain a powerful weapon to combat it.

Enjoy, just one more pic and Episode 5 will be finished!
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