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The Journey To Khelemak II by NyxenAvenger The Journey To Khelemak II by NyxenAvenger
"So much longer till we get there?" Sweat poured down Argus's face as she trudged behind her brother, who was walking like it was a regular day in this desert land.

"Not much longer now, ya can see the tower behind the canyon over there. Once we get there ya will get plenty of food to eat."

"How come?"

"It's how we welcome new underspawn, cause they've traveled so far."
Argus slumped over the side of the bridge they were walking upon, what she saw as she peered over the side made her gasp.

"The heck is that?" Gor'gahn stood next to her as he peered down the bottomless chasm, he gave her a warm smile as he prepared to explain.

"That sis, is the Wall Of Giants. They roamed this land many centuries ago, until the Guardian came and fused them into this wall."

"Cool, who is this Guardian?"

"He was the wisest underspawn I ever knew, protected Khelemak for centuries. He's gone now, but his legacy lives on through me."
Gor'gahn smile faded as he looked down onto the massive orb that was his stomach, a look of confusion appeared onto Argus's face.


"I used to be his favourite student, he taught me the art of un-hai and with it I harnessed the power of the cosmos to find ya."
Argus looked at her big brother with wonder on her face, her jaw dropped.

"Wow, that sounds amazing. I wish I could use cosmos power and do neat stuff like that!" Gor'gahn's smile reappeared as he slowly walked across the bridge and towards the fabled city.

"Maybe I can teach ya some un-hai while ya here, if ya want to. We're nearly there now, I can't wait to introduce ya to the folk!" Argus, with an excited smile upon her face, rushed across to catch up with her big brother.

This was going to be a nice evening for her, she thought.


The journey continues as the two underspawn cross the Wall of Giants, as Gor'gahn explains more about himself and Khelemak.


(Updated shadows)
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They're walking on giant corpses.

Yeah, this is an Underrealm story, all right.
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016
I like the 2 silhouettes of Argus and Gor'gahn. So, that grey blob thing was once a giant? What did he look like before?
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