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The Huluntar by NyxenAvenger The Huluntar by NyxenAvenger
Deima was not a morning person, at all. Often she slept on the couch after a hard day of work, and anyone who so attempted to raise her from her slumber would get a well deserved fist to their face. But she made the rare exception to her boss, who would likely respond back by searing her flesh from the bone. When the overlord told her to pack the necssary things and head to the docking area in her lair immediately she did so with the grace of a drunken artist, she didn't even have the time to brush her blue hair. 

Even when she made her way to the place her tired eyes wavered from the path. She slammed her face into an iron pillar at one point, to which the young wendigan mumbled incoherently about something with her job. She could barely make out the path to her lord's intricately designed ship, as young yaoguai guided her way with weary hands. They knew what she was capable of if one of them made the grave error of angering her. She slumped over the side of the intricate gold doorway, before lumbering into the darkness of the ship. Her state of her mind was reawoken by the noise and heat of a fireball, her eyes snapped back open in surprise. The fireball had only missed her by an inch.

"I expect everyone to be in top shape for this day, that includes you." Augus's words were like a knife slashing across her skin, chilling enough to get the bodyguard back into reality. Augus lifted up her bags with deep magic and placed them onto the cabin of the ship, she stared across at an illuminating hologram filled with complex terms and all manners of sexual jargon.

"I am guessing this is not normal day if you are calling me at 5 in morning?" Deima grumbled as she threw the bag on her shoulder across the makeshift bar, one of the demons had to duck for cover as it flew above his horns.

"Yes, it is an important one. Something overlords must honour, the Huluntar." Augus meekly smiled, she closed the cabin with her claws as Deima scratched the back of her head. She had never heard her lord say that word in all her time spent here.

"Huluntar?" Augus folded her arms as she looked straight at her bodyguard, clearly this demon needed some class drummed into her.

"It is a gathering of lords held once every five years, where we can show off our power and wealth unrestrained by the confines of regular life. As is the tradition a demon lord takes it upon himself to host the event, the greatest honour of all. Unfortunately our host for this one is Lord...Tash." Augus sighed as her tail slammed onto the metal floor, while Deima laid back onto the edge of the bar.

"I did not think there were many overlords out there. So what is big deal about this Tash? I assume he is like normal lord yes?" Augus's eyes widened, but she did not hold it against the wendigan. She did not know much about the world of lords, something Augus Tsung would quickly rectify.

"No, he is not a normal lord. I may be a monstrous thing but something else. He is an incubus, a deadly deviant that delights in torture of the mind, body and soul. Not that I have any gripes about his nature, if not for the fact that the last time we met he fucked over my last bodyguard because he wanted to "improve" him!" Augus took in a deep breath, and exhaled as she regained some composure.

"Regardless, we must attend. Sober yourself my bodyguard, and get the others ready. We have a Huluntar to attend!"

The door way shut closed as Augus climbed up the polished stairs to the upper area of the ship, where the pilots and lieutenants lay. Deima brushed back her messy hair and looked at the motley and ragged bunch of yaoguai, all of them stared at her as if at any moment they could pounce upon her. The silence was deafening save for the low humming of engines.

The pale demon gave a toothy smile as she raised her fist in front of them all.

"So, who is wanting to arm-wrestle? I promise I will go easy this time!"


The episode continues as Augus prepares her leave to the Maw, and Deima's coming along for the ride!

Hope you enjoy!
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endecis15 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
well well i can't wait to see how they will go along hehe XD
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, can't wait to see how their interaction goes. 
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you're looking forward to it!
ChaosDeflier Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I love it when two series connect to one another
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