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The Hierarchy Of Underrealm by NyxenAvenger The Hierarchy Of Underrealm by NyxenAvenger
There are many creatures that dwell in Underrealm, but there is a form of hierarchy (also known as the food chain by some) that each creature must adhere to, lest they suffer a fate worse than death.

From bottom to top:

Mortals- Once humans that did wicked things, these beings have been stripped of sight, taste and reduced to droning, hungry wanderers of the blood-filled lands. They are basically easy hunting for beings placed in a higher social position than they are.

Imortan- Humans that devoted themselves to the Old Dark Ones, in return for their devotion they retained their sight and taste, but ended up with grotesque twisted forms. They are keen hunters, mostly hunting mortals to sake their hunger, few would be stupid enough to hunt for Daemen and Underspawn. They are able to speak, though only in short sentences.

Daemen- Humans that forfeited their lives to the Old Dark Ones in return for a bit of their cosmic power, these creatures have abandoned all traces of humanity and have become monstrous servants, devoted to their gods even when they have died long ago. Daemen hunt both Imortan and Mortals for their insatiable thirst of blood and combat, some have even been powerful enough to match an Underspawn in combat though they never win.

Underspawn- Half human, Half Se'ren, these children of Underrealm were born through the mating of the Old Dark Ones with human women. Considered the dominant beings of Underrealm, the Underspawn possess a variety of abilities, a common ability is that they are able to assume human disguise and wander Midrealm unopposed, as only the Old Dark Ones were restricted from entering that world. They hunt just about anything either to eat or just for the fun of it, which makes them a dangerous threat to just about anyone in Underrealm.

Though generally independent they are ruled by one of the most powerful Underspawn known only as Xanon, and mearly mentioning his name in Underrealm brings fear, even to the Underspawn.
coolestawesome10 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What about people who devote their lives to Dank Memes? The Underrealm needs to be more considerate of people with no lives.
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
It's cool to know they fight. I'd like to see who this Xanon looks like. Also, his name sounds too similar to Xexon and Xenon. I wolud suggest a different name for him. But still cool work here.
Hyperoct Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
*adds those information to his brain*
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