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The Heart Of The Dream by NyxenAvenger The Heart Of The Dream by NyxenAvenger


Then she felt the biting cold resting upon her pale cheek.

The bodyguard's eyes slowly opened, everything in her sight was hazy and blurred as she adjusted to this new environment. Attempts to get up only resulted in her falling back down again, every part of her body felt weak. But gradually her strength was returning, she pressed against the snow with her hands and raised herself up. This dream they had both been flung into felt like home, but at the same time it did not. The familiar snow of Sentinel Peak greeted her, but the land was twisted and the great mountain had warped and winded itself into a spiral. Oddly enough the shape reminded her of her lord's horns a little.

She looked to her side to see her lord, who was experiencing the same. She coughed out a drop of blood from her mouth as she too got up, shades of orange and red coloured the sky as a black mist swirled below this mountainous, unreal terrain. Augus looked around, for the cold that had annoyed her ever since she stepped forth into Sentinel Peak was still present.

"For fuck's sake, even in dreams the cold is still a pain in the ass." She grumbled before she looked out towards the distant structure in front of them.

"So is same as real life." Augus tapped her bodyguard's shoulder as she pointed in her direction.

"Well, this over here is new."

Before their path stood a massive complex, towering from the rock as if it had organically grown from it. Parts of it bore architecture of the Orient, but some were covered in large veins and red muscle like the beating heart of a demon. Smaller structures jutted out the rock upside down, waiting for the inevitable fall into the black abyss. A large tree branched out from the tallest tower, greeting the dusk of the sun that would never cease.

"Is big." Deima spoke in awe, the lord gave a raw little laugh.

"No shit, looks like my former overlord's lair. Except it's much weirder than I remember." Deima pointed towards the glowing lights emanating from the building, it seemed that the tower had residents inside even in such a surreal and warped realm such as this.

"There are lights, perhaps we should go over there." Augus nodded in agreement as they both began to run along the long, snow covered path towards the place. Despite her lord's...frame she could run just enough to keep up with the wendigan bodyguard.

"We shall, there's nowhere else to go and the snow is freezing my feet off like anything."


And so Augus and Deima enter the Heart of the Dream, a  surreal realm empowered and formed by Augus and Deima's thoughts, memories, dreams and desires. 

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EcchiLord Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017
Lovely sweet dreamscape.

Beautiful :D
Lokoko-space Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
reminds me of one of the new SCPs
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like a recall to Augus' past.
5452dboy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017   Artist
god it look like a tim burton world
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