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The Great Grand Retirement Party I by NyxenAvenger The Great Grand Retirement Party I by NyxenAvenger
She had served her king for many good years, issuing decrees and killing off the enemies of the crown bore many fun times for her. But tonight was her final night in power, for some unexplained reason she had sent in a letter of resignation to the rest of the Red King's council, and in their private chambers they breathed a sigh of relief.

If it was to be her final night in power, she might as well make a spectacle of this grand retirement party. And what a spectacle! Glowing chandeliers hung from the rooftops of the hall, twenty undead chefs prepared a number of foods unique to Hememnith, the night turned out to be beautiful, and she had invited just about anyone who could attend. Undead noblemen, eerie ghosts, unknown beings from the foreign lands and many more had attended, the party was in full swing and she revelled in it.

"Great, just about everyone is here. Now, to try and fix up the grand finale of all of this-" Her thoughts were cut short as the doors flew open and a pointy-nosed stranger made her way in, the party-goers stepped aside and gave looks of disapproval as her stomach just about budged everyone in its path.

"Pardon me, very important witch coming through!" The witch exclaimed as she made her way around the crowd, Geg stood there, scratching her chin with curiosity.

She had heard of this witch before, and if the rumours were true then she would be the solution to her problem. Quickly she made her way up to the pot-bellied witch, but alas a puddle of wine on the floor made her slip up, accidentally slamming her face against the witch's enormous gut before bouncing back onto the floor. The witch looked down and offered a spare hand to lift Geg up, who was still dazed.

"Hey there, I know people tend to get close to me, but not that close!" The green-skinned witch gleefully smiled as she patted her hand on her rotund stomach.

"I tripped, I just wanted to ask you, are you that Aderyn woman I've been hearing about?" Geg asked as the witch gave her a dull look.

"First of all, I prefer the term 'witch' please, and secondly yes I'm Aderyn, in the flesh as you've experienced first hand. I take it you're that Geg woman I've heard about, it's a pity you're retiring tonight but as long as this party has fungi pie involved then I'm a happy witch!" Aderyn swayed to the side, knocking over an undead guest thanks to her stomach. Aderyn nervously laughed as she took a few steps back from the unconscious guest.

"Err, thanks I guess? Listen, I don't say this much but I need your help. I'm planning a big...thing so that my retirement goes out on a high note, I would say more but not in here." Aderyn put up her hand towards Geg, smiling a smug smile.

"No need, sure I'll help out but only under the condition that you give me some fungi pie at the end of it all, it's what I'm here for anyways."

Geg sighed, it seemed the red-haired witch would have no other alternative from the looks of her grotesque belly, how the tailor managed to find enough fabric to cover such a thing she would never know.

"Alright, fine. Follow me."


Alright we got some story going on for Geg and Aderyn, expect some TF expansion stuff to be involved! Slowly getting used to drawing more characters in the background!

Enjoy! :>
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
It was so cool hearing Red King in the first Paragraph! Also, loved how Geg bounced off of Aderyn's big belly.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, what's Geg got planned?
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ho ho ho, you'll see eventually!
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