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The Desert Frontier by NyxenAvenger The Desert Frontier by NyxenAvenger
But while the two underspawn slept through the welsh night, dark clouds were converging on the border of Khelemak which meant one thing, Krazoa had come. Running across the arid plains as fast as a speeding bullet towards the lifeless trees in the distance, he jumped towards the sky with all of his supernatural might and descended down, his left hand glowed with the colour of blood as he created a glowing sword to strike down the tip of the nearest tree, and then with precise accuracy he struck it clean off.

Landing on the stump, he observed his surroundings. He was on the right path, for he could see a giant wall in the distance, an ancient line of defence for the land of Khelemak. His focus was interrupted as a small flying red abomination flew his way from the wall, it went over his head but not before dropping a small object which he caught with ease.

It was a long green strand, but what meaning did it have?

He felt the texture of the strand, a shred of clothing worn by the underspawn who practice the ancient art of un-hai, tough bastards.

He sniffed the strand, Agran perfume, worn by some female underspawn to seduce mortal men to the depths of their stomachs.

He promptly put the strand in his mouth to taste it, hints of human blood, humans must have been kept like livestock over at the wall, for there are no humans in Khelemak.

"Ah, so the Shidan Sisters live still." He knew of them, many centuries ago when he was just a Cuflux initiate. The Shidan Sisters were a coven of a hundred female underspawn, born from Akann's womb. They were skilled in un-hai as they were deadly and ravenous, the old Imperator before him told his group many tales about them, about how they had humans as livestock in their wall to survive the countless days in the sand. Krazoa took the strand from his mouth and threw it at the spectral bird perched right next to him, which it promptly devoured.

Krazoa then took a deep breath and breathed crimson smoke into his hands. He closed his eyes as if to harness the power of the countless souls he had taken over past centuries.

"Scout the surroundings, then come back to me at night." He blew into the smoke which evaporated and transformed in his hand until a great number of the same spectral bird was in his clutches, as quick as a flash flew away from him to scan the horizon. Krazoa crossed his legs and covered his body with his large wings as he sat down upon the stump, to mediate for the battle next to come. He would wait until night, when the patrols were scarce and weaker for him to strike.

After all, these were underspawn trained by that wretched guardian.


Krazoa is near towards Khelemak, but before he can strike he must first rest, centuries imprisoned underground can mess with the brain you know!

Hope you enjoy this next part of The Celestial Sage!
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
Argus may be in danger, but this is getting pretty good. Keep it up bro. :)
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A fight is going on tonight!
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