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The Demon World Of Earth by NyxenAvenger The Demon World Of Earth by NyxenAvenger
Before the War Between Humans and Demons began, there was the Catalyst, a catastrophic event caused by a mysterious and all-powerful demon overlord from an unknown realm. It brought upon the mass genocide of the human race, forever scarred and transformed the lands of Earth, and brought upon the age of demons.

Since then, the lands have been settled and divided by demons of every type and sort, and so great kingdoms have been raised over the decades.

The High Citadel-

Considered as the prime centre of all demon strength and power in the East, a huge chunk of the demon population reside in this fine capital. It is governed by the High Lord Akatr and his advisors who look to preserve order and control over the High Citadel. Its walls are well guarded and patrolled by the Citadel Guards, armor-clad demons skilled in the arts of the spear and defense.

Adain's Stand-

Although the High Citadel is the beating heart of the lands, without the strategic location of Adain's Stand it could be easily conquered by a powerful enemy. Adain's Stand was named after the legendary demon warrior Adain, who once many decades ago led his army against the overlord's forces from Amarka for the freedom of the Eastern Lands. Though many were lost that day, Adain stood strong as the Amarkan forces fled back to their land.

Adain's Stand is a massive coastal fortress taking up much of the land. It's only residents are members of an order known as The Sons Of Adain, dedicated to protecting Adain's Stand should dark powers attempt to seize it. Some say even Adain himself lives behind the walls, though far past his prime.

The Eastern Lands-

The lands that were left for the rest of the demons to nurture and grow. The demons that live there are usually referred by others as 'Demonfolk', they populate the many villages and are generally a lot peaceful and content than most demons.

The Urkain Mountains-

A land that many have tried to settle, and a land that many have died there. There are rumors of large ogre-like beasts roaming beneath the mountains, though none have yet to see one and come back...alive.

The Trinity Kingdom-

Babylonia, Dorado, Shanghai, all form the notorious Trinity Kingdom. Originally founded by admirers of the human societies of old, this kingdom is the closest thing to resembling such a thing, though their laws and order are much more akin to demon societies. It is a corrupt land ruled by three major crime lords, Xagu of Babylonian, Zogroth of Dorado and Augus of Shanghai. Each of them have a gang the size of an army and if given the chance could pose a serious threat or beneficial ally to the East.

The North-

Such a demon has never traversed that unforgiving wasteland and come back alive. The North is a harsh and cold place, many gigantic mountains peak up from the sea of snow. It is home to the Northern Demons, a war-like race that once served the overlord many decades ago, now reduced to several tribes dotting the place.


Not known is much of the land of Autrael, some say it is a vast desert island, others say that it is a lush paradise for any demon. They also speak of another demon race that lives there, they say they are masked, draped in feathers and skilled in the arts of magic.


The Forgotten Land.

Amarka was once a great human capital, the most powerful capital on Earth before the Catalyst. After the tragic event the overlord resided inside the remains of the ruined land soon after and from there he directed his vast legions to purge the surviving humans, thus setting the stage for the great war. At one point Amarka was the centre of all power in the world and all trembled under it's iron fisted rule.

But after Adain's Stand, much has been silent in the forgotten land, too silent perhaps. Recent reports from a scout of the Citadel speak of strange demons roaming the land, with their eyes glowing blood red, their skin as dark as ash and clad from head to toe in war armour unlike anything one has ever seen. One must wonder if evil is growing within that land and if there is, the East will be in grave danger once again...


Phew, that was more text than I could imagine! -3-

I wanted to further explore the post apocalyptic/fantasy world of Outsiders, and see where it would take me. So I drew up a nifty map so I could know which demons resided where (yes I am planning to draw up some of the demon groups mentioned here, can't wait), it's me first time I've done a world on such a scale.

Anyways, hope you guys like this! :)
OnlyTheGhosts Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Interesting setting that you're creating.
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, I love to get immersed in works like these. :)
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