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The Day Of Death by NyxenAvenger The Day Of Death by NyxenAvenger
Sister Phaedra woke up from her sleep, thunderstorms were aloof along the Green Wall and she didn't sleep well with them. As she got up and dressed herself in her blue and green coloured garbs she walked outside to see the sky, she saw that others were there staring at the sky too, and when she looked she saw why they were staring. A great crimson sky had descended upon the wall, and the thunderstorms grew louder and louder with each passing minute.

The head sister rushed out from one of the towers, clad in the same robes as the rest except had notably bigger and weight and height, to witness this strange occasion. The thunderstorms were at their loudest, and Phaedra realised the sickening truth. 

Those were not thunderstorms.

It was the undead warrior, Krazoa, rattling his glowing crimson chains across the misty ground down below. The head sister took notice and signalled to the rest to stand their ground against this ancient enemy. Suddenly the chains reached for the sky and grappled the sides of the wall as fast as you could blink, and Krazoa descended down upon the helpless Shidan sisters.

The warrior fought with frenzy, swinging his chains around at the sisters with calculated anger. Every move the sisters tried on him he countered, as the fight started to take its toll on the wall the sisters became less and less as he absorbed their souls, Phaedra felt his blows as his chains flung her far across the wall and onto the desert. Only the head sister remained, her devotion to the wall still stood, and she charged straight at the supernatural warrior with her double edged blade staff...

Wounded, Phaedra fled across the blood tainted desert with all her strength. She was only miles away when she witnessed Krazoa tearing down the centuries-old wall with all his supernatural might, and it was a horrific sight. She knew that she was alone in the desert, but she also knew that she was the only one that could warn the city of Khelem. So she ran, as fast as the desert winds flow across the land, to the fabled city...

"I would have expected more from your wretched ilk." Krazoa muttered amongst the ruins, with a huge red soul grasped in his hand. He promptly crushed the soul and absorbed all of its power, revitalising the undead warrior. He looked towards the horizon, where the city lay. 

"The day of death has come!" The crimson night was filled with the mad laughs and roars that came from him, as he too made his way towards the city.


Krazoa strikes, nuff said.

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, man!

This guy scares the **** out of me!
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
Dang, this dude's brutal. Hope she'll be okay.
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