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This is an archive for the second arc of Underrealm, The Celestial Sage. This is so you can read and access it in one place.

Also contains a look at the main villain of this arc, Krazoa!

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A Look At: Krazoa

Part of what made Wrath of Tytan fun for me was the villain, in a world where most of the characters eat people and could be considered morally questionable it generally requires you to make villains that sink below the standard of those characters so that they look good in comparison. Because the Celestial Sage arc was a lot more ambitious and larger than the previous one I wanted to make a villain that would fit that larger story.

That is where the idea that would become Krazoa came in.

Krazoa is of a much more tragic nature than the previous villain, because he was human at one point. But a tragic turn of events led him to resent the underspawn he once revered and led him to his transformation into an underspawn-killing soul-eating creature. This is the first time I've done a villain that was rooted in the supernatural, because his powers are fuelled by the souls of underspawn and he can do all kinds of things with them for his twisted purposes.

He went through a few design changes to get his look, his first design was a suit of crimson armour held together by a malicious spirit, the second design was of a much more bestial nature, he had dark grey skin and glowing eyes, fur all over his body and the transformed wings. Though I scrapped both in the end there are still elements in the final design, which is the one you see now.
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