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Strong Drink by NyxenAvenger Strong Drink by NyxenAvenger
Through the misty expanse lay the city of Gomorrah, and getting to such a place on foot was a tricky feat on its own, even when overlord Augus had parked her ship as close as she could. The outer edge of the Maw was dotted with cavernous holes, it could be easy to fall into and live out the rest of your days in such places. But eventually the lord and her gang made their way down to the vast complex of buildings contained within it, Deima was taken aback at how...vibrant and busy the whole place was! Endless waves of demons wearing bondage gear and ball gags upon their masks almost overwhelmed the large wendigan, as her group navigated through the buildings towards the imposing palace in the middle of it all she was constantly swarmed by malicious vermin, who were there to sell her body enhancement potions or pay her to give their scrawny selves a good time.

She was no tavern whore, she was a born warrior and only she decided when and where to satisfy herself. Not that they would survive such intimate sessions, broken pelvises and torn flesh would be in store for those foolish enough to court a wendigan demon.

Deima sighed as she rested her front upon the edge of the bar counter. The palace itself was massive and filled with many bridges, as well as constant screams and moans of unwilling subjects. Her lord had gone to mingle on high with the other lords, leaving her and the rest of their gang and the other ones to drink themselves to death in the bars, either that or shagging some enticing succubi nearby.

"Give me strongest drink you have." The barkeeper nodded once, he turned around and wrenched off a finely crafted crimson bottle from the shelves. He was quite an impressive specimen, even for a demon. Excessive amounts of muscle all across his blue body, obedient, even he had a good package on him from what she peeked at. Though the cast iron mask made her think that this...thing was good for nothing more than serving drinks, a great shame.

The demon slammed the bottle onto the counter, to which the bodyguard abruptly took it. She threw a bunch of green she had in her pocket at the being, before uncorking the top. It smelt of strong cinnamon inside and it would have sent her reeling back, if she were not a wendigan. The spider woman known by the name Zhīzhū made her way to the side of the great demon, she looked different to the one back in Sentinel Peak, she looked more like a lieutenant than a simple waiter.

"You do realise that could kill you, right? Kornyx's Lash is a dangerous beverage." Deima peered inside the bottle, a faint burgundy glow shined from the top. 

"Key word is could, I will take that chance." The stubborn girl swallowed the contents down her gullet. She stood there for a minute in surprise as her eye twitched wildly. Zhīzhū wondered if all her limbs and nerves had been frozen from the drink.

"Strong shit." Deima finally coughed as she sat back on the back, her lungs slowly took in the air. She smiled as her fist hit her bountiful chest, it would take a gallon of this stuff if she wanted to pass out. The spider folded her arms and sat down upon the bar seat, crossing her plump legs.

"I should be surprised that you haven't collapsed on the floor, but then I realise you never surprise me. They say that it is a common tool amongst succubi, and that their victims never wake back up once they have drunk that perverted liquid." The demon looked at the young girl with curiosity in her yellow eyes.

"How come you know about this? I did not take you for an expert in beverages." She simply smirked.

"No, I'm not. But I do know my poisons, our lord thought that my service would be...helpful. You never know when someone may try to spike her meals with nightshade or whatever poison's on the table." Deima nodded in understanding, before sitting down next to her.

"Is good, I would hate to see job terminated."

"Speaking of which, aren't you meant to be guarding our lord?" She questioned, to which the large demon stretched her strong arms in the air. She laid her head back on top of the counter.

"I am meant to, but lord said that meeting with other lords is lords only. I am not lord, is why I am here with the lot of you."


Deima and company mingle with the residents of Gomorrah, and finds that their drinks pack quite the punch!

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at that red-head over. :XD:

That's not really her butt, you know!
endecis15 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
mhh mhhh i do like the spider lady, she look cute but secretly deadly hihi
tomuchcoffee Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Me likey
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