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Sting Operation by NyxenAvenger Sting Operation by NyxenAvenger
"GREAT JOB, THE CRIMINAL HAS BEEN APPREHENDED. THE DISINTEGRATION CHAMBER FOR YOU, CRIMINAL SCUM." The two robotic officers lifted the blue-skinned mole-like alien from off the ground, Diana must have packed quite the punch to have punched down a Morvarian, who were known for their tough nature. Diana looked around her, Spaceport 51 was quite the shit-hole, but as a place to smuggle space slaves it was a smart cover no doubt.

"Eh, no problem. What about the rest of his property? Aren't you robotic buggers going to reclaim it?" Diana questioned amid the nonsensical babbling of the Morvarian.

"WE WILL LEAVE IT TO YOU, THINK OF IT AS YOUR REWARD." The officer with the fancy hat on replied with the casual friendliness of a doormat, they swiftly left the scene, criminal in tow. Diana was left to her own devices now, she looked towards the asymmetrical ship that had been the transport for these slaves, it would sell for a fine price.

Then suddenly she heard something move in the red rusted container next to her, pulling out her pistol from her tentacles she cautiously opened the door and slithered inside. It was mainly empty, a few credits scattered across the floor and a stench that reeked of stale blood and cold piss. She saw a large heavy bottomed pod tucked into the corner, it showed nothing but as far as she knew it was some form of stasis chamber. 

"Quite the prize for your pudgy friend. I wonder how much you'd sell on the black market..." She lifted and grappled the pod with her hands and walked out of the container, she then took out a gold-plated radio communicator from her tentacles. Tapping the numbers with her claws, she lifted it next to her ear and waited for the recieving call.

"Hello? It's me fuck face, I got something to bring back to the ship."


A little story for Blue Galaxy, like something romantic (kinda).

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lookin' good so far.
Internjoe Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
I liked the story
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