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An archive containing the current/planned episodes for Sentinel Peak, I will be constantly updating this as more content comes out so stay tuned!

Episode 1: Strazh

Strazh by NyxenAvenger Taskmaster by NyxenAvenger She Grows Up So Fast by NyxenAvenger Amongst The Rafters by NyxenAvenger Kara'thrak by NyxenAvenger Text Messaging by NyxenAvenger

Episode 2: My Overlord

My Overlord by NyxenAvenger The Lord's Throne by NyxenAvenger Goliath Cometh by NyxenAvenger Goliath Taketh by NyxenAvenger The Spoils Of Battle by NyxenAvenger Overlord's Quarters by NyxenAvenger Guard's Quarters by NyxenAvenger

Episode 3: In Dark Places

In Dark Places by NyxenAvenger The Tasks For The Day by NyxenAvenger Mortuary by NyxenAvenger A Wendigo Among Us by NyxenAvenger A Cancer On All by NyxenAvenger Lair of the Wendigo by NyxenAvenger Excessive Mutation by NyxenAvenger Healthy Appetite by NyxenAvenger

Episode 4: To Court An Incubus

To Court An Incubus by NyxenAvenger The Huluntar by NyxenAvenger Say Hello To Gomorrah by NyxenAvenger Strong Drink by NyxenAvenger Of Lords And Lordkillers by NyxenAvenger A Worthy Challenge by NyxenAvenger Fleshbags by NyxenAvenger Clash Of Giants by NyxenAvenger Firm Hands by NyxenAvenger More Power To My Lord by NyxenAvenger 

Episode 5: Nar'ruk

Nar'ruk by NyxenAvenger Searching For Answers by NyxenAvenger An Ancient Beast Unearthed by NyxenAvenger The Wendigo Descend by NyxenAvenger Flames Of Death by NyxenAvenger Bonding Through Wounds by NyxenAvenger The Parting Of Ways by NyxenAvenger The Master Awakened by NyxenAvenger

Episode 6: Primordial Dream

Primordial Dream by NyxenAvenger Down In The Lord's Prison by NyxenAvenger The Dream Channeler by NyxenAvenger  The Heart Of The Dream by NyxenAvenger  The Residents by NyxenAvenger Let Us Not Talk About It by NyxenAvenger  Arduous Climb by NyxenAvenger It's Like Kneading Dough Right? by NyxenAvenger  Awoken Nightmare I by NyxenAvenger  Awoken Nightmare II by NyxenAvenger  Never Speak Of This by NyxenAvenger

Episode 7: Atonement

Atonement by NyxenAvenger Into the Giganta by NyxenAvenger Fiery Excavation by NyxenAvenger  Fury of the Horde by NyxenAvenger  All Hail Monarkh by NyxenAvenger A Duel Of Demons I by NyxenAvenger  A Duel Of Demons II by NyxenAvenger  A Duel Of Demons III by NyxenAvenger  Blackest Hell by NyxenAvenger  Embers of War by NyxenAvenger They Will All Join Us by NyxenAvenger

Episode 8: Hell Hungers

Hell Hungers by NyxenAvenger Deima's Kitchen by NyxenAvenger  One Small Favour by NyxenAvenger  The Wager Is Made by NyxenAvenger Girls' Night Out by NyxenAvenger Scars Show Strength by NyxenAvenger  The Mouth of Hell by NyxenAvenger  Call Me Augus by NyxenAvenger       

Episode 9: Inferno

Episode 10: Winter Requiem
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