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Searching For Answers by NyxenAvenger Searching For Answers by NyxenAvenger
The only places where green could ever grow in this land could be found in the deep caves inside the mountains, but even buildings were not exempt from nature. As Isabeth navigated her way through the corridors and the halls she noticed the patches of green covering the walls, the floors, the roofs and some of the forgotten equipment was covered in mossy growth. Had the tech junkies been brave enough to venture this far from home, they would have had a field day. Wires, circuitry and computers were abundant throughout, these colonists must have had a lot of backing in order to make this possible, perhaps the Russians had intended to build a great city here. But now there was nothing but ruins and cold.

She gripped her axe tight as she came across a terminal with a rectangular slot on its side, though it was old and partially damaged by the rubble it was still functioning, a single green dot flickered behind a black screen. Next to it lay a couple of dusty black tapes, each one had different numbers labelled in red ink but all had the letter 'M' before them. Perhaps these tapes could provide her with answers as to what this...Monarkh was.

M01, she laid down her pistol and promptly jammed the tape into the slot. The terminal processed the video for a few seconds before it cut to a black and white video featuring only a young and fair woman behind a blurry background.

"Log 1 of Project Monarkh, the team arrived today with the starting templates for us to build upon. The authorities have also brought along extra support, Hans Weber and Ernst Fischer. The authorities say they are experts in biological manipulation and mutation. I don't want to know what they did to earn that expertise, I only want results. It was hard getting the vital template as it was government classified, but the Sentinel blood sample will prove useful. The end goal of Project Monarkh is to create the ultimate super-soldier, the toll of war is too great to be placed upon humanity and so we must make warriors to carry it."

Isabeth took great restraint not to punch the terminal screen, anger clouded her mind.

M22, the second tape.

"Log 22 of Project Monarkh, we have managed to clone the Sentinel blood sample and mass produce it for reserves in case anything goes wrong with the current samples. The authorities are waiting with baited breath and none of our test subjects have been successful, it seems that the sample, when directly injected into the bloodstream, causes rapid mutation and transforms the subject's mind into a feral state. Fire is the only way to put them down permanently. Our German friends are insisting that they should have a sample of one of the Sentinel's brethren so that they can find a remedy to our current dilemma. Two should be coming in this afternoon."

M44, the last tape left.

"Log 44 of Project Monarkh, the remedy Hans and Ernst provided works! The alternative sample looks and acts the same as the previous ones but it has been purged of all volatile effects. It has given our last test subject increased strength, mobility, perception and intelligence! Project Monarkh is a success, now we need only provide the resul-"

The video abruptly cut off into static, and then returned to the black screen. This was even worse than she thought, something terrible came out from the destruction and fire inflicted upon the colony that day, and whatever it was had adopted the project's name as its own. Dread crept up upon her face as she breathed the air in slowly, the cold tickled her scarred pale skin and crept down to her black vest. She hadn't felt cold like this in ages.

Isabeth grabbed her pistol and was about to make her way out of the tower, before her ears twitched at the sound of metal slamming against the floor above Something else was here, perhaps another Wendigo? She sniffed the cold air, it did not smell of rotting flesh. With newfound curiosity she gripped her pistol tight and climbed up the nearby rubble, for it was to be better safe than sorry.


Yeah, we're going into deeper territories here.

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Oh, that cannot be good.
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It is bad.

VERY bad!
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