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Scars Show Strength by NyxenAvenger Scars Show Strength by NyxenAvenger
The Chinatown of Lord Augus was impressive in size and grandeur, but below the oriental streets and the roofed buildings lurked an underground complex. This was a clever idea on Augus' part, as the underground was where all the scum would lurk and be filtered by the violent tendencies associated with the yaoguai, allowing for the lucky ones to move up into being a minion of good quality on the snowy surface above. A architectural feudal system of sorts, she devised it back in her pre-overlord days, when the system of her previous lord allowed for...embarrassing and toxic demons to make their way into being his lieutenants. It didn't work and only resulted in a system of laziness, it was one of several reasons why she overthrew and killed him.

That being said, the underground was said to be a lot more exciting and vibrant. A host of colourful, if not violent characters spruced up what was a dull scene and turned it into a den for smugglers, traders and opioid addicts. They served good food, independently imported from her homeland, which she had let slide because she had a good supply of her own. Until now, now she and her bodyguard were sat in the Lazarus Pit, a "reputable" tavern amongst killers, chomping down on their first round of consumption.

"Finally, some nourishment." She grinned as she pinched a strand of noodle from her chopsticks and dipped them into an orange soup, before sucking it down her gullet. Deima was still not accustomed to the way they ate in Chinatown, so making do with what she had she ripped off a tentacle from the nearby bowl of spiced octopus soup and promptly devoured it. She attempted to act casual as the slimy tentacle drooped around her chin, much to the amusement of her lord. The waitress placed another plate down in front of them, taking the lid off. It was another helping of dumplings, much to the robust overlord's delight.

"You know, I'm glad that you're paying for this. Only you could spend money here and not be ashamed of it." Augus said as she washed her food down with a cup of pitch-black alcohol. Deima simply shrugged, placing her hands onto the two pieces of bread and the meat before fashioning it into a makeshift burger.

"Why bother with shame when you have something to eat?"
Deima replied before shoving as much food in between the rich meat as it could handle, in but a few seconds the burger was eaten whole as Deima too washed hers down with a cup of the same alcohol. She could feel her shirt tightening ever so slightly after consuming such a large burger, hopefully she wouldn't have to remove it when the night was over.

"Hmph, at the end of this you'll be wishing you had shame in hand." The overlord sharply retorted as she plopped a dumpling into her mouth, she leaned back against the seat and stared up into the ceiling. She sighed as she folded her arms between her chest.

"You know, I haven't felt so lowly back when I was a minion myself. The dumplings, the scarred demons and the smell of cigar ash in the air, it takes me back."

"Is that a bad thing?" Deima asked, to which the overlord looked at her with a calm demeanour.

"No, I suppose not. I did use to be a bodyguard to the old overlord myself." Deima almost spat out a tentacle as she sat up straight.

"What? You?" To which the lord answered with a slight smile.

"Oh yeah, I was one hell of a guard if I say so myself. Scar I have right here? I got that from one of his drunken lieutenants who decided that he should be overlord, tried to stab the lord in the back with a broken glass bottle. I stepped in the way to protect him and ended up with this nasty gash, almost split my mouth open. It didn't matter once I snatched his bottle away and started slashing his face apart, by the end of it you couldn't even recognise his broken face." She pressed her claw against the scar of her cheek, relishing every moment of pain it caused on that night. The wendigan had always thought that it was just a birthmark, as her lord never told her about it until this very moment.

"Could have blasted him with hot flames, but you beat him at his level. I respect that." She raised a glass up to her lord in respect, Augus simply snorted in response but could not contain her smile. 

"And how did you get...yours?" She pointed towards her bodyguard's eye, to which she stroked the edges of the scar reminiscing the event that gave her it.

"Oh, this. Trained with mother when I was fifteen, one day she struck me across the eye so hard that it bled. It hurt, a lot." The overlord winced at her rather blunt tale, she had heard tales of the Lordkiller's strength when she was young. Being punched in the eye by her must have truly been painful indeed.

"By hell that sounds nasty." Deima paused before shrugging it off, preferring to stuff her mouth with another helping of octopus dipped in a nearby rice bowl.

"It should not, scars show strength."
She proclaimed, before stuffing another slimy tentacle down her gullet.


The two demons head down below Chinatown to begin their duel of consumption! This took longer than expected but I hope that it was worth the wait, I'm pretty proud of this piece!

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are we gonna ignore the elephant and not point out that Augus is wearing Android 18's shirt?
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Augus confirmed as Dragon Ball Z fangirl

TaurusTE Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
Scars always have some kind of interesting story behind them. And in world like this one, BOY are there probably alot of crazy stories behind a scar.
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