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Pulsating Ambience by NyxenAvenger Pulsating Ambience by NyxenAvenger
For ten minutes Deima had spent carrying her gluttonous and unconscious lord around town, forced to endure the groans of her stomach and the murmurings of smiting foes with fire and gold. She would mention Deima's name once or twice during these, her eyes wincing with each utterance and the heat of her body growing noticeably higher. As she sat down on the benches to break up the monotone nature of walking, she pondered at what Augus was dreaming about inside that twisted mind of hers. It felt like she uttered it out of fear, which was strange because her lord didn't seem to be nervous around her, it was rather the opposite.

After another bout of walking around the town, Augus' eyes started to open up. A groan came from her mouth as she scratched her head, before looking up towards Deima who gave a reassuring smile in response. 

"Guh...did I lose?" The pudgy demon asked, to which the wendigan slowly nodded.

"Yes." Augus' eyes narrowed as she clenched her teeth. She groaned as the headache started to kick in, she pressed her hand against her forehead in agony.

"Fuck, remind me never to drink the manalcohol again. I feel like I'm going to puke out all my guts..." She gave a small hiccup as her gut softly gurgled in the cold winds. Deima looked towards the path ahead.

"But it was good night, you held own pretty well against me." Augus pinched the bridge of her nose and gave a reluctant sigh.

"As much I hate to admit it, yes it was...enjoyable. But I hate this part, I swear to fuck if you were just a simple minion I would have you crucified at the top of my lair." 

"So I am taking it that you are wanting to go back to lair?" Deima asked with a raised eyebrow, the eyes of Augus widened as she pulled her face closer to her own. Her voice dripped with both anger and regret.

"Ffffuck no! Do you see what I look like right now?! No demon would be able to unsee the image of me, defeated and being carried back home by my opponent! Weakness is anathema to every single overlord out there, if I were to go back now all would sense the opportunity to overthrow me!" Deima stayed silent, and an uncomforting silence took place between the two. Augus gave out a frustrated sigh as she looked around the town buildings, no hotels to be found.

"Ugh...listen, do you have a place for me to stay at? Just only for this night, I...don't want to go back now." Deima smiled as she nudged her head upwards at the gigantic peak in the middle of the unforgiving winter wasteland.

"Yes, I do have place in fact. It is up big mountain, humble place but will have enough room for both of us." Augus gave a grunt of reluctant approval, and the two made their trek towards the mountain.

The trek to Deima's home was long as it was treacherous, but it was clear this was the usual way Deima went given at how nimble and quick she traversed the narrow paths. There were flaming orange lights, planted by Deima herself so she could easily find her way in the darkness. 

Augus looked down onto the snow covered ground, a clawed finger constantly stroking at her chin with a burning anxiety.

" you like me?" She asked out loud, her eyes staring off into the distance. The eyes of Deima widened at this question, she shrugged her shoulders.

"Of course, you have given me good job-" Augus held up a hand in front of the demon's face before twiddling her clawed fingers around, her face withholding repressed feelings in front of the pale demon.

"No that's not what I meant, I mean do y-you like me as a...friend?" Deima stopped walking for a brief moment, her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Why do you ask? Is unusual for overlord to ask question like that." She retorted, to which Augus softly stroked her neck.

"I mean, you clearly enjoyed tonight. And you cared enough to put my coat back on me when I my powers a rest."

Deima looked around the area, before holding the overlord closer to her.

"Do you consider me friend?" She asked with a curious tone to her stern voice. Maybe it was the overlord instincts kicking in, but she could not help but give a small laugh.

"That's absurd...for fuck's sake of course. You're the only demon around that doesn't just accompanies me out of fear of my power, I can tell when they're afraid. Fear is often a prelude for disaster, which is why I don't have m-many...personal friends." She admitted. Out of sympathy Deima gave a reassuring smile as she jumped up to the ledge, before landing on her feet.

"You have one right here. Augus, you have changed my way of life for the better. Even if you had offered me lower job I would have still considered you friend, you cared for me and so I must care for you. That and you are fun to hang out with, night was good and you showed me different side of you. If you want to do it again sometime, I would be happy to oblige."

Augus's body heat rose as her face turned to a light shade of red, her smile a mixture of genuine affection and embarrassment. The large pulsating moan of her stomach stopped it, she gave an impatient grunt as the two climbed up higher and higher until the town they were in half an hour ago was merely a few blips of orange light shining against the dark night.

"Guhhh...I can't believe I'm starving." Augus complained, Deima simply looked down at her and placed her on her feet. Finally they were here. She could feel the cold pressing against her boots as she looked upon a mighty structure. A house deeply embedded within the solid rock formations of the mountain, on the edge she could see the supports that would have otherwise made Deima's place a rocky deathtrap. They were created from discarded school buses, an unusual but impressive feat. The house had two levels, the main floor was large and lined with draped cloths and wooden poles all around, and the second floor was a smooth, dome-like structure that was half clad in metal and half covered in glass. Deima's proud smile was evident as she walked towards the door, rolling her blue hair back as she turned around.

"Then we should get you food for this...appetite of yours, I will have plenty of it to go around when cooking is finished." She smiled again, only this time Augus could see that it was somewhat...sultry. She quickly followed the wendigan as she went inside, the cold was unbearable up here. At least now she was promised the comforts of warmth and a nice place to rest upon, that would be enough for the feared Augus Tsung.


New story piece, where Augus requests to stay over at Deima's house for night. Along the trek up they both connect deeper with each other, almost blossoming into...who knows? Find out in the next piece!

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