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Primordial Dream by NyxenAvenger Primordial Dream by NyxenAvenger
Tai Chi is an art that is not to be taken lightly, while humans prefer it as a means of improving health the yaoguai use such ancient techniques to hone their magical abilities, that and it provides some semblance of peace in a time often filled with violence and death. It only requires two things from an aspiring yaoguai, patience and a calm mind.

Overlord Augus Tsung bore none of those things, but nevertheless she persisted. A day of her life consisted of flogging the underlings, signing one boring piece of paperwork after the other, and obliterating the odd usurper now and again. She needed some time to herself, and something to help calm her mind of such things. But even as she gracefully moved her body and energy throughout the isolated room, she worried about who could take her throne at any moment and try to kill her. Such an overlord would not die while she was vulnerable, she was motherfucking Augus Tsung and damn all of those who stood in her way-

Her anger had gotten out of hand, it had disrupted her internal energy flow. She inhaled the air and slowly exhaled as she continued further with the ancient art.

Silence, calm and peace. It was needed badly. But the voice that came out from the nearby speaker on the wall would irritate her further, the demons that made this room deserved to be tortured for such bad design. Emotionless and monotone, it relayed the simple message.

"Overlord Augus, you have one pending call from Overlord Kunn."

"Bring her in."
She replied with reluctance dripping down from her tongue. Immediately a shining blue hologram emerged into the room, an equally large figure stood there grinning with sharp teeth as she darted the room with wild blue eyes.

"Well aren't yeh a sight for sore eyes! The hell yeh doing there? Some kinda Chinese magic stuff?" Augus continued with moving her body around, much to the amusement of the other lord. 

"No, this is Tai Chi. Ancient art that's meant to help relax my inner self, something you are not helping with." Kunn rolled her eyes as she placed her clawed hands upon her large thighs.

"I didn't come here to help yeh with yeh hocus-pocus crap, I wanted to check in to see how my business partner is doing!" Augus, irritated by her constant prodding magicked a red flaming ball onto her palm, with little disregard for the room she flung it straight through the hologram and onto the wall, what was once decorated wallpaper was now charred black ashes.

"I'M FINE!" Kunn looked behind, her smile had disappeared. She looked back as she clicked her clawed fingers.

"Woah, yeh really are angry." Augus slapped her hands onto her face and pulled them down with visible frustration.

"What do you think I've been fucking doing the past two hours? I'm trying to relax here but it seems like no one is going to let me enjoy that right!" Kunn put a finger to her chin, deep in thought.

"Yeh know, don't yeh folk have those dream-channeller things? Yeh gotta have them or fuck knows what my husband was doing in Beijing!" Augus gave out a small raw laugh in response.

"Hah, like I'd ever use those dreck magics. They're only for weaklings to enjoy what they cannot hope to achieve."

"But if yeh thinking what I'm thinking, dreams are like the ultimate poweh fantasy. Therefore if yeh vent out your frustrations in that dream channeller whatever then chances are that yeh come out a lot less...filled with rage." Augus rested her cheek upon her fist, before walking back towards the hologram.

"Even if I did it, I'd need another demon to help channel it perfectly. And most would probably kill me if given the chance, I am not going to die sitting on the floor and focusing my mind on some silly dream."

"What about that really strong bodyguard yeh got? She sounds simple enough." Augus almost balked at the prospect.

"Miss Luvenka? Like she'd ever..." 


Intro to Episode 6, Primordial Dream! Augus receives a hologram from her fellow Overlord Kunn while she's trying to relax, needless to say it does not go down well.

Hope you enjoy!
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