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Pink Death by NyxenAvenger Pink Death by NyxenAvenger
"Wussat?” Augus asked as two glasses filled with strange pink liquid topped with white cream were placed onto the table by a one-eyed waiter. She noticed in her drunken state that hers had a straw embedded, while her bodyguard’s did not. Perhaps she thought that she would end up splashing it in her eyes instead, the gall to think of her that lowly! Sure she was tipsy, but she could still drink these three glasses in front of her, or were they four? She couldn't quite tell. She didn't even know what this place was, only that it was some kind of ship hangar bay bordered upon the edges of this town. A growing crowd of mortals had started to gather around the two, with clear expressions of wonder and anticipation upon their faces. 

"Is most dangerous drink in land, Pink Death! Killed man last year. Recipe comes from foreign land where serpents and pigs disguise themselves as men, and used this to dominate people in it." Deima explained as she grasped her glass, her smile as wide as her girth. The overlord narrowed her eyes.

"It looksh like a milkshake..." Augus prodded the creamy top with her claw and put it in her mouth, it tasted...sweet.

"That is what it wants you to think, but looks can be decieving." Deima straightened up, her smile had faded slightly as the crowd eyed the pink glasses.

"So whaaat? You decided to end thish with milkshakes? I thoughts you was smharter than thaaaat, such a weak mortal drink will not harm me." She boasted with drunken confidence, it would have been almost frightening to most demons if she wasn't so intoxicated with various alcohols.

"Well..." She lifted the glass up to her lips and drank down the contents, all in one go. She slammed the glass down as the crowd held their breath, her smile reassured them that she was not dying tonight.

"...go on. I dare you." She glared at the overlord with wild, brave eyes as the overlord held up her hands in a bout of unawareness.

"No nooo...whait, you dare meeee?! I am the great and almhighty Augus Tsung, ruler of many...many demons, fhine! I will drink this down and shooow you who'sh lord aroundsh here!" Augus grabbed the glass and chugged down the thick, sweet, pink liquid into her gut. She gave a smug smile, albeit a half drunk one. The smile quickly disappeared as her stomach gave a sludgy gurgling noise, the sweetness was too much after so much intoxicating liquid, and with little food inside to absorb them. The bubbling mixture turned her face into a light shade of green as she grasped the sides of her gut.

"I feels...ill, not...good. You...b...nooooo..." With a painful groan she fell to her side, before rolling off the seat and onto the floor. Deima folded her arms and gave a smug smile of her own as the crowd applauded the young wendigan, in her mind she deserved it. She had just beaten her lord at her own game, the feeling of pride was almost overwhelming. The duel was won, and she stood victorious.

But as the crowd slowly went off to do their nightly business throughout the town, Deima’s attention turned towards the defeated demon lord who still laid on the floor. She was unconscious for the most part, save for the occasional moan and gurgling sounds coming from her bloated midsection. She could just leave her there, she was more than capable of finding her way home herself. But there was a part of Deima that was itching to remain at her side until she woke up from this...alcohol-induced coma of hers. 

She gently lifted the overlord up to the seat, a challenging task but with her strength she saw it done. Getting Augus' fur coat she fitted it upon her, at least to the best of her ability for the buttons would not fit around her girth, it would have to do until she got back home. With careful hands she grasped the legs and back of her lord and carried her as they made their way outside into the cold wasteland, the sheer corpulence pressed up against her chest and neck was uncomforting to the wendigan. She didn't want to admit it at all, but as her bodyguard she had grown attached to this furious overlord.

Deep down she wondered if this was by the wheel of fate to feel this way.


The duel of consumption concludes as the two finish this off with the most deadly drink in the entire land of Sentinel Peak, the American strawberry milkshake!
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A milkshake?

That was it? All that alcohol, and a milkshake is what brings her down?! Wait, was there any special ingredients to it?!
Rez14 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Such a deadly concoction! Hopefully Augus will recover just fine.
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018
Oh how the most simple of things can cause the most damage XD
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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