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One Small Favour by NyxenAvenger One Small Favour by NyxenAvenger
Deima lived a few miles across from her mother on the mountain, it was where she could feel like the master of her own house. The mountain tended to have grand, sweeping views of the cold wastelands and hers was no exception. It was a grand view that encompassed Augus' Chinatown, her golden lair rose out amongst the oriental clump of buildings. Often at times she would go out, sit on a log and make a fire when the night grew dark, if she was lucky she would catch a glimpse of those glowing lights from above. Father always told her when she was little that those lights carried the great ancestors of their kind, warriors riding on six legged beasts in the great, endless battle above the sky. 

The cold winds greeted her as she made her way down to the usual spot where she witnessed such things, only to find her mother there sitting down upon the log with a bottle by her side. Even when her mother was relaxed she still exuded such power and intimidation, it annoyed her that she was able to have such a thing. She wanted to have that, to be able to terrify the toughest ones with a single stare. That and she did want to gain her mother's ample strength, it gave her chills down her spine just thinking about it.

"Mother." She finally spoke, with a cold edge to her words.

"Deima." She simply responded with an equally cold edge. The blue haired demon sat down next to her, as they both stared out into the misty mountains.

"What are you doing here? It is not like you to be so near my house." Deima questioned, prompting a smile from her mother.

"Am I not allowed to spend time with beloved daughter?" Deima looked at her, unconvinced. Isabeth sighed as she pinched her eyes, she was a prideful demon and so this was going to be tough to spit out.

"I need you to do favour for me." Saying those words made her wince, Deima looked at her with clear surprise on her face. Was this just a dream or did she hear her mother asking for her help? The killer of lords, demon amongst demons, was asking her?

"What? Now? I have hands full with overlord." She attempted to play it cool, but she could not shake it off. Isabeth put her hands together and leaned forward.

"I promise this will be last favour I ask you to do, I need you to go distract overlord until the sky turns dark. I do not care how you do it." Deima raised one eyebrow up, before rubbing her chin with her fingers.

"Why her? And why are you so concerned about overlord right now? You are planning to steal something from her, I see it in eyes." She always knew when her mother was up to something big, there was a certain light inside her eyes that burned with an intense aura.

"Not stealing, I am borrowing most of her explosives." They both stared at each other, they both knew the obvious lie. Deima stood there, contemplating before giving off a groan.

"I do not know what you are preparing for, but fine...I will do this favour for you. As long as you give me bigger portions of kill from your hunts from now." Isabeth gave a single nod, it was clear to Deima that something really big was happening if her mother was agreeing to give away more food to her.

"Fine, many thanks for this." She slowly stood up and strolled across to the clump of forest at the base of the mountain, Deima stood up to shout.

"Just...whatever you are doing, come back alive yes? I do not want to beat dead demon." The sentinel raised a middle finger from behind as she walked, prompting the young demon to smirk as she stared out towards her lord's lair.

If something had brought her mother to ask for her help, then she might as well play her part in return. It couldn't be that bad, she was the Goliath after all, she had gotten used to doing crazy things.

But could she? The question lingered on as she started her journey down to Chinatown, it would be a journey she would not turn back from.


Deima stumbles across Isabeth, and the latter needs her to do a small favour. She will have to distract the demon overlord Augus until nightfall, but surely it can't be that hard for a strong warrior like herself?
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Something tells me I know what's gonna happen between Deima and Augus.
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Better stay tuned for more!
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017
Rocky as these twos relationship comes off as, least Isabeth and Demia will help each other out.
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At the very least.
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