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Of Lords And Lordkillers by NyxenAvenger Of Lords And Lordkillers by NyxenAvenger
"Ah, the almighty overlord Augus! To be honest I was starting to think you were dead, but it seems my little invitation came through." The incubus lord smiled, he rested his arms upon the arena balcony. The robust lord, already leaning upon the balcony grunted as she blew a plume of smoke from her maw. Tash was a proper bastard, he could cough and a million demons could feel the urge to punch him in the face. 

"Don't think that because I'm here that we're magically on good terms, you know what you did." Tash chuckled in a playful manner as her leaned forward, sticking his large rear up in the air like a sly cat. He watched down below, the young blue soldier was weak but possessed a rifle. The other one had red skin and was strong, he carried a spear and shield with him. Traditionalists were why he and others became the lords they were now, so it was wise to respect them. The audience roared out for blood before descending into quiet chatter.

"I know what I did darling, and that was years ago. You still haven't gotten over it, if it helps you in any way it was his fault that he refused me." Augus let out a raw little laugh at the temerity of this motherfucker.

"I can't tell which has grown bigger, your backside or your ego." 

The conversation was erupted by a loud bang, the doors flew open and a large bulky demon stood there. Overlord Kunn of the Berumda Isles, known as Greenclaw to her many enemies, gave a hearty laugh as she strutted through the small decorated area with drink in hand. Finally a lord that Augus could tolerate at the very least. She had much to thank this cannibal for, as she play a pivotal role in her own ascension to lordship. Sure it was mainly because Kunn wanted a better human trafficking trade under the rule of Augus, but it didn't hinder the friendship. It enhanced it really.

Following behind her large tail was Lord Maragar, there was nothing to say about him for he was often silent. A sand demon from the Middle East, tales say his body was seared by the great flames of desert witches and as such was bound to his war armour, and still will be until his dying day. She had done deals with him before and they turned out fine but there was something...strange about that lord. He laid his back onto the side of a vulgar statue and stood there, lifeless and unmoving as if he were in a deep trance.

"Greetings fellow bastards! Wait, girl? Bloody hell I've missed you!" Kunn clacked her sharp teeth as her arm wrapped around the young lord's neck, she was a lord whose pride was rooted in strength and strength only. Augus simply smiled as she struggled to breath around her large arm.

"Your c-company is always endearing as always, Kunn."

"Where's you been this past 'ear? I hear things about ye but they's from the shadows from what I'm understandin'."
Tash took his eyes away from the battle below to nod at Kunn, who placed her other arm upon his soft posterior.

"I concur with the eloquent lord, where have you made your nest?" He asked with a sickly sweetness in his voice.

"Sentinel Peak." Kunn spat out the drink she had consumed and coughed, she pulled Augus in front of her.

"Wait, that exists? I thought it was just one of those myths? You ain't pulling my tail right?" The chubby lord patted her hand upon the side of Kunn's arm.

"No, it exists. I've been conducting operations there, China is too dangerous at the moment." Kunn gave a hearty laugh, she had come across mad lords but this one had to be the maddest one yet.

"Not as dangerous as being in the same place as the bloody Lordkiller now? I read stories about it when I was a young'un, and they ain't pretty. I'm surprised ye head ain't on a stick!" Augus simply tutted as she folded her arms together, rested her bulk upon the balcony.

"The Lordkiller exists and was merciful enough to let me into her land, at the behest of her daughter." Tash's ears pricked up and his smile disappeared.

"Oh a daughter? I never knew such a beast could breed, let alone exist!" Kunn placed a clawed metal finger upon his lips, before wiping her mouth of leftover alcohol.

"Wait a sec, so that weird bulky blue haired pale demon I passed by on my way to get a good drink. Issat yours?"
Augus nodded in response.

"Yes, the Lordkiller's daughter. Surprisingly receptive to the idea of working as my bodyguard, she's a fucking good one so far. So don't get any ideas Tash, this one will fuck you up if you dare try to wound her!" At least this time Augus was able to gloat at this pompous lord. He simply snorted as he looked down upon the battle below, which had turned into a bloodbath at this point.

"Oh please, I'm not that touchy."
Kunn's massive stomach trembled in hunger, not wanting to devour any lord here she placed an arm upon Augus's back and swallowed the rest of her drink.

"I'm famished, come with me my girl! We have a lotta things to talk and eat over. Thanks for the accommodation things Tash, tis to be expected of a good Huluntar!" Augus nervously smiled, but complied as the two went off to their resting area for the night. Only two lords remained in the room, and the sand lord that had stood silent the past few minutes moved towards the incubus. He stroked his iron hand against the thighs of Tash, eager to feel that soft flesh that had grown since the last time they met.

"I must admit, that was quite the tale. Kunn isn't one to lie about what she sees." Maragar's voice was brittle and rough as the sands he was born into. Tash smirked as the sand demon smacked his hand upon the side of the incubus's fat rear, squeezing it brought unwanted desires to the both of them. He gave a thumbs up towards the blue-skinned demon below, who had bashed his foe's skull in with the end of his rifle. The silence that had dominated the arena was usurped by the cheers and disapproval of the bloodthirsty demon crowd.

"Well darling, I guess we will have to see later on. I've still got that artifact to give away, this bodyguard will not pass it up, that I am certain." Tash gave an affectionate peck upon the top of the lord's helmet, and made his way to the confines of his lair with an eager lord in tow.


The lords meet up, and Augus talks about her experience in the fabled land of Sentinel Peak. Tash is...eager to play around with her new bodyguard like last time, so he hopes his little competition draws her in...

This was quite a thing to draw and write about. Isabeth is known as a sentinel to her people, but like many legends they come bearing different names. Lordkiller being one of them.

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crazyeight2112 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017
" a proper bastard" i love that line
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha thanks, I think it's accurate enough
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good seeing the lords!
endecis15 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe he finally put out his nose out of hiding...even tho he doesn't from what i read hehe also that expression of tash just crap me up XD i think its the fact that he usually look so calm and now...he look like he won something pretty important to him XD
StretchTagger Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that eye nipple on the left though.
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