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Never Speak Of This by NyxenAvenger Never Speak Of This by NyxenAvenger
Every part of their mortal bodies felt numb when they first awoke, but after a while the two demons were able to walk out of the room. Slightly groggy, but at least their sanity had been kept intact much to Shenmi's surprise. Most demons would have been driven to madness after an encounter with the Lord of the Dream, but the two seemed to be made of sterner stuff he reasoned. The two walked down to the first floor of Augus's lair, where everyone gathered in the numerous dwellings and cafeterias to drink away the day. From looking outside the windows it was clear that night had come, darkness surrounded the town of Sentinel Peak like a blanket. Over the sounds of fighting and dreadful singing Augus turned around to speak with her bodyguard.

The overlord gave a lengthy sigh.

"Listen, about what happened back there..."
Deima replied with a solemn nod.

"I should have done better, I know." 

"Thank you, for helping me with the whole anger thing. I feel a lot calmer right now." The words surprised the wendigan, which prompted a slight curl along the edges of Augus' lips.

"Is no problem, I guess." She scratched the back of her head and gave a small smile back. The smile vanished, and Augus was back to her usual self. She gave a serious look at her bodyguard and pointed a clawed finger in her direction.

"But let us never speak of this, we keep it to ourselves. If you ever speak of what happened to anyone-" The angry undertones were cut short as Deima nodded once again before turning to head back home.

"You'll flay my back in front of everyone and dice up my horns for powder, do not worry." Augus stood there, silent before she spoke back.

"...good. Well time you be on your way then, it's dark and you've gone way over your work hours." Whatever intimidation she had aimed for was cut back by Deima's usual attitude to all things. She turned around, lamenting on the events that had happened today. It was hard to admit to, but she had taken a liking to this one. The way she treated every situation, the way she fought for her lord countless times, and holy hell could she give a massage! Perhaps it was her cruel fate that she be attracted to every bodyguard that had served under her, but this one was...different. This one seemed like the type that wouldn't get herself killed over the stupidest of things, perhaps she could ask her to work a few more...

"I was-" Her voice shook as she turned around, but saw that her bodyguard had long gone for her dwelling out in the cold. The only time she had the slightest inkling of affection and Deima wasn't around to witness it, but then perhaps it was better that way. Maybe when they were in a more private setting could she then consider the possibility.

Affection in public was weakness, and weakness is not the virtue of an overlord.


And so Episode 6 ends, with the two demons parting for their homes. Augus begins to develop feelings for Deima after everything that had happened, even if it's only a small amount.

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, talk about a day in Augus' life. 
endecis15 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
they sure fought well hehe
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