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My Overlord by NyxenAvenger My Overlord by NyxenAvenger
Deima was good at dishing out violence against her foes, but even she had to concede that her overlord was just as good as her, better in some ways even. Who else would brutally shove a taser down the throat of her victim and then hang him while smoke still spewed from his mouth? The Black Horn clan had treated this incident as if it were an everyday part of life in this vast, culturally rich complex. Underlings pushed carts filled with all manners of strange substances and played mahjong in their spare time while the higher ups bet on which one would win today's demon death match on the television, or finished up on their years of having their entire body painfully tattooed upon.

Through the golden doors you got a full taste of Chinese Yaoguai culture, no parlour tricks or cheap magic involved.

It was clear Overlord Tsung was in a bad mood. Deima looked towards the partially charred corpse and placed her hands on her shapely hips. A small red-skinned demon walked past her, stroking the black tendrils that made up his beard. Cheng was one of Tsung's more loyal lieutenants, a young demon who looked like the sort that sold you cheap bootleg videos off the back of a van while his girlfriend was getting high in the front. He was a smart and sly one, it may have been why he was still breathing to this day.

"You should have come here last night." Cheng spoke to her with the respect one gives to a tramp, Deima could only chuckle in response.

"And take fun from you and gang? She works better after long sleep." Cheng gave the pale demon a deathly glare, who brushed it off with a simple grunt. He pointed behind to a mangled, charred couch resting in the middle of the complex.

"She threw a fucking fiery couch from her room."

"I did not say she worked better before, only after." Coming into their view was a spider-like woman with stone-grey hair that flew around as she ran up to the two. Zhīzhū was the main chef of the complex, she personally served her overlord many delicious meals and it seemed that the overlord's appetite started to have a great effect on her figure. A figure that could only be described as plush, for her bloated spider abdomen jutted out from behind her chunky thighs and her simple silk shirt just about containing her plump middle. Her four eyes blinked wildly as she caught her breath back.

"I've come back from her throne room, I peeped through the doors to drop her breakfast and not once was I hit with one of her infernal spells." She huffed between breaths as she placed all four arms upon Cheng's shoulders, who shrugged off the spider woman. He did not take kindly to being a thing for people to rest upon, nor to being given condescending looks by larger demons as Deima had done to him just now.
"See, I am right. I will go into throne room myself to prove it. Save a drink for me." Deima shoved aside the small red demon as she ventured into the complex. Cheng clutched his arm withholding his agony, even if it was a slight shove it felt as if a tank shell had exploded in his arm. He laughed in painful agony as he shouted towards the behemoth of a demon.

"You're paying for all of them now you bitch!"

Deima gave the finger from behind as she strutted down the corridors of power, intent on doing what a bodyguard should always do. 



The opening to Episode 2 of Sentinel Peak, My Overlord! My aim for this episode is to explore Deima's job and the whole demon culture she lives and fights in, as well as how Augus does business.

Hope you enjoy!
BenTheSubconCreator Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016
I love Deima with her hands on her huge hips.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder how angry Tsung is still this morning?
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