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Mortuary by NyxenAvenger Mortuary by NyxenAvenger
Isabeth grunted as she shifted her bulk through the human-sized door, the mayor really should have kept her size in mind when building the town hall, for this was the third time she had come across such a problem. She adjusted her position and squeezed through, taking both sides of the metal door with her. It was uncommon for the mayor to be here in this secret mortuary, especially with the old Taskmaster in his presence. The old grey haired man huffed through the vents in his mask as the mayor adjusted himself as if he were being inspected today.

Dimitri Vaskeylov had a pale, noble figure, and noble intentions at heart even if they clashed against the sentinel time after time again. His green eyes were unwavering, he adjusted his tie as the demon strolled across to the blanket covered deathbed. Her arms were crossed behind her back as if she were a battle-hardened general observing fresh meat for the battlefields. 

"You better have good reason to bring me here." Isabeth snorted out a gust of air, the mayor simply looked at her.

"Of course, why do you think I'm not in my office?"

"You want to fuck dead corpse?"
The mayor gave a condescending glare towards the sentinel, she tended to have a warped sense of humour. The demon prodded at the blanket before Dimitri removed one half of it from the deathbed, revealing a bloody mass of severed flesh and guts, it was hard to distinguish if it was a human body.

"As much as you would like me to, no. But it does involve a dead corpse, this came in last night. An incident occurred in the biology centre, we think it was some sort of beast." Isabeth poked at the torn group of muscle, before taking a glance at the bloody smear on her finger.

"да, is pretty dead."

"No shit, thank god it happened in the middle of the night. Our people are pretty hard-sleepers. Listen, I do not want them finding out about this, widespread panic is fucking terrible."
Taskmaster broke in between the two, curious at the gruesome corpse put on display. He stared at it intently, before pointing towards the jagged and cut chest flesh.

"Those look like claw marks, yes?" The large demon gave a solemn nod.

"Yes. But is not like any creature I have seen, wounds too deep and all over place. Beasts here know what place to hit, this was act of madness on part of beast." The old man forced out a loud cough from his aged lungs before turning towards Dimitri.

"You say this happened in biology department, yes?" The mayor swiped the bead of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand, he could only shrug. He could only go on from the information he had received the past twenty four hours, for he could not spin mist around.

"It did, the strangest thing about it from what I heard was that it happened inside, not from the outside." Taskmaster's eyes flared up as he stuck his wrinkled finger into Dimitri's vest.

"What kind of crap are your people pulling off in that place?" Dimitri coolly moved the finger from his vest and breathed in deeply. Time to act like a mayor.

"I assure you nothing illegal should be happening down there, they are studying Sentinel Peak's wildlife and fauna. I would not endanger the lives of countless people through foolish acts." Isabeth, who had been prodding and examining the bloody corpse, snapped out from her deep thought and glared at Taskmaster. He had known the demon for three quarters of his life, but this was the first time he had seen the great Isabeth show a slither of encroaching dread in her cold eyes.

"Old friend, come with me. We are taking little walk down to this place right now." She quickly stomped towards the door, to which Taskmaster followed shortly after with creaking legs. She turned back and gave one last cold look towards the pale mayor.

"You better hope it is not what I am thinking it is, or else you are all going to need lot of underground shelters."


The mayor has called in Isabeth and Taskmaster to deal with a very delicate incident that could threaten the future of the town, a person is dead and the creature remains unidentifiable...perhaps the sentinel has a clue, but she dreads to think about what it could be.

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So, her butt got stuck in the doors?
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oh good lord if somethign can make a strong lady like her fear something that thing must be horrifying 0-0 

also i really like how you,re style wierdly fit in such a mature story really like it also isabeth look super big compare to everyone !
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, this can't be good...
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Love the story

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