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Let Us Not Talk About It by NyxenAvenger Let Us Not Talk About It by NyxenAvenger
The sound of a bloody fist smashing against shattered teeth was deafening throughout the room.

It felt good, the rush of power, the thrill of dominance.

She punched the resident again, knocking out a few more crooked teeth from it's maw and adding a new coat of blood to her clawed fist. Deima was searching around, looking for any more survivors to offer to her lord. The bodyguard looked over the edge of the numerous counters in which the residents had prepared the feast with their claws. Seeing that it was empty, she promptly leaned back and began to search some more when a strange thing entered her eye. It was on the counter, bare and naked for all to see. It brought a sense of unease but also a secret flattery, she picked the object up and made her way back to her overlord.

"Hey boss?" She asked, Augus turned around from her activity.

"What is it, can't you see I'm busy?" Deima looked at the object, before showing it to her.

"Is it just me, or do these things revere me?" Augus stalled with her punch, a look of confusion was present on her face as she turned around to see what this object had enamoured her bodyguard so.

"What the hell are you-" Her eyes widened with cold dread, it was a poster of Deima but clad in nothing but a chainmail bikini, exposing all of that plump musclebound body in a single image. It was something she thought was locked in the dark recesses of her mind, but the dream had found and created it. With a flash of red lightning from her bloodied fist she annihilated the poster, leaving Deima with the charred remains.

"What was that for?" The overlord sheepishly threw the battered resident to the side as she observed the ruined surroundings.

"Let us not talk about it." The lord uttered, Deima smirked as she deeply stared at her bountiful chest.

"I did not know I could look that big in chain mail-" 

"LET US NOT FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT." Augus snapped, eyes glowing a furious hellish red before winding back down to normal. She looked up and stood there puzzled at how this tower functioned, there were more of them up there from what she was hearing, for roars and more chomping filled the upper echelons of the tower.

"So many floors above but yet there are no bloody stairs, there must be more of them above. But how to get further up..." Her thinking was interrupted as she heard a loud crash from her side. She looked around to find that her bodyguard had struck her head against the thick wall, the sheer force of it had left a large gaping hole leading to the outside edge of the tower. Cold air brushed the two of them as Deima pointed to the outside wall.

"I found way." And a way it was, for small flesh-like objects jutted out randomly from the sides. They looked tiny but could be climbed if one knew how to get around, and the both of them knew which one was best at it.

"You're expecting me to clutch onto you as you climb up the outside of the tower, risking our deaths?"
She asked, a small smile crept up on Deima's pale lips as she unfastened her sturdy boots.


More story as a hidden subconscious memory emerged into the dream, causing embarrassment on both of the demons as they find a way to continue the hunt from above.

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, that's a moment we can burn in our skulls. :D
endecis15 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"I did not know I could look that big in chainmail-"  should be you since its deima in that chainmail hehe still quit nice to see XD
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